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Marked for death by the Imperial Corporation™, you have been marooned on a desolate planet in the Attria Prime system. Fight to survive the inhospitable frontier in a post-earth dystopia. AGP::Epica is tactical, open world RPG intended for advanced players seeking a challenge.

Key Features:

Open class system

Experience limitless freedom in character creation as you customize your character with 216 skills slots -without your hand leaving WASD

  • Eliminate enemies with rifle, shotgun, stealth, cover and grenade skills from the Assault class skills

  • Infiltrate the networks of your adversaries - or reign down orbital and electrical attacks with Cybermage skills [incomplete, currently in development]

  • Build an army and command it with the Commander orders and summons [incomplete, currently in development]

  • Craft your way to victory using Engineer skills [in development]
Solider Skill tree is completed. The remaining core trees (Commander, Engineer and Operator) are disabled as they're being actively worked on. Upcoming planned development includes additional melee skills, Akimbo pistol skills, gunsmithing skills and expansion of all existing subclasses (Merchant, Medic, Omnitech, Mecha, Cybermage, Infiltrator and Templar)

New in 1.0.5

In 1.0.5 players being with an Assault Carrier Capital Ship and can select from 1 of 3 starting classes, with its own unique weapons and skills.

  • New characters are offered a tutorial to help ease them into the game.

  • Explore the Assault Carrier capital ship

  • Explore the first few feet of Pendrith, a darker world with dangerous enemies in the shadows.

  • Preview some of the up coming areas and look back on some of the previous mission areas.


Fight your way through unending waves of enemies.

  • Advanced lethality system picks up where most games drop off - one shot, one kill Lethality based combat

  • No hit points - strike enemies in vulnerable areas instead of spending hours grinding down a health bar

  • Watch your back - Advanced AI units coordinate together to flank, suppress and destroy the players without mercy

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

This game is REALLY promissing. To think that a single dev is doing all the job...

Review from Steam


Review from Steam

I've been watching this game develop since an early Kickstarter campaign, and I'm amazed how far a single developer has pushed the title since. Updates have been constant and substantive since my Early Access purchase, and I'm excited to see the game grow. Keeping my eye on AGP:Studios and this title.

Review from Steam

Its hard for me to say yes or no on this game. It has a lot to offer but also needs a lot more help and work. Open world concept is nice but be ready to get slayed if you venture out right away and dont read up on controls and gameplay as shit is waiting for you right away. Good time killer. 5/10.

Review from Steam

I've been following this game since the first Kickstarter, and I'm constantly impressed at how much love goes into it. I purchased this on day 1 of Early Access, and the updates have been frequent and full of content. Any feedback is addressed quickly and issues are patched within days, and the (sole!) dev is responsive to criticism.
It can be a little confusing at first. The world is big and open. Left with nothing more than a vague threat about being eliminated, I somehow missed the cache of guns right beside my spawn place and wandered around for a while until I figured out how to take some skills, and then went around blowing things up with grenades until I found a "shop". Epica is a lot of fun, and the game has a lot of potential. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Epica!

Review from Steam

Early access so it's going to be rough but the developer is working on it all the time and keeps adding new content.
Very in depth game with a lot of nuanced mechanics for those who are interested in that.

Review from Steam

it has a great deal of potential if the dev will fllow through, and, since he seems dedicated, and intent on making an epic game and seeing it through I have high hopes for it. he keeps in touch on the forums and seems to be hard working and consistent. A lot more than you can say for a great many of these EA games. Being he is only a dev team of 1, it does go slow but steady. Hopefully it'll become what it could with support and dedication. It's off to a good start if you have the patience.

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