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Adam’s Venture: Origins

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Adam’s Venture: Origins features new, next-gen visuals, new gameplay and new animation work which makes it into a true next-gen experience. Adam’s Venture: Origins is the fulfillment of the original vision of Vertigo Games, as facilitated by SOEDESCO. Challenging puzzles, stunning visuals, engaging narrative and tight gameplay will make Adam’s Venture: Origins into an adventure game that is not to be missed.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

good game

Review from Steam

Plain. Neither the story nor the puzzles are interesting.
My biggest question goes to the first room: why cut the painting "The Ambassadors" in half? It was too weird.
Basically the entire game is about solving easy puzzles: Put 3 parts of ladders together to reach the top of the bookshelf; memorize 5 letters to unlock a safe; rotate quotes to make it in the right order... Action is using a gripping hook either to drag down walls or swing between platforms. From the library to the tomb to the mine but nothing is really exciting, maybe because the puzzles are just one simple step to solve, it feels like doing the last move of what Lara Croft does.
The execution was poor, once the professor put a gun to the girl, I walked between them and nothing happened. During the escape I sneak behind guards to get 3 gasoline for a car, game lacks consistency as the vision of the guards changes unreasonably. I got frustrated after being caught too many times so I gave up. It was around 1/2 of the game, I checked a walkthrough and learnt the rest are nothing new.
I give it a positive review, but do not recommend it if you have better games.

Review from Steam

Awsome puzzle game

Review from Steam

It's not worth your time to write a bad review for a game that is $1.79 on sale.

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