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Adam’s Venture Chronicles

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Adam Venture is a renowned explorer and adventurer. During his epic adventures, set in the 1920’s, he encounters antique artifacts, ancient mysteries and the player will decipher strange symbols. Supporting him is his accomplice: Evelyn, with her the player will solve ingenious puzzles and embark on breathtaking platform challenges to outsmart the evil Clairvoix Corporation. Visit gorgeous locations, including historical sites and stay ahead in a race between good and evil that holds the world in the balance.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Extremely janky Uncharted-esque game that feels like it's held together by duct tape. On the bright side, the bad collision detection, bad animations, bad voice acting, and bad dialogue gives it an endearing b-movie charm. The game has a huge focus on puzzles, and with the exception of a couple of puzzles where you can get soft-locked due to bugs, I think they're all pretty well designed.
I highly recommend going for Adam's Venture: Origins instead. It's virtually the same game (95% of the content is the same), but with a lot of improvements to the gameplay and with fewer bugs.

Review from Steam

I really wish there was a middle of the road type review because I don't feel very positively or negatively about it. It's a middle of the road adventure/puzzle game. Not too terrible, not too challenging, not too interesting. If you can get it on sale, go for it.

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