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A Painting experience for Virtual Reality. Explore 16 different painting tools and unlimited amount of paint to create your own modern art piece.

  • Huge 4K Canvas

  • 8 Brushes

  • 8 Tools

  • Gif Recorder

  • Screenshot Tool
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Fun little painting program for psychedelic doodling. So at heart its just a toy, but surprisingly well-designed and polished.
By moving and clicking the thumbstick you can select between 16 tools and brushes, 8 at each hand. Moving the thumbstick without clicking will sometimes have different effect on the tool, such as various stamps or colors. Most tools react to how hard you pull the trigger, mostly by varying the size. There's also brushes which react to horizontal motion or to brush speed.
There's a handy screenshot function, and you can also save as a rather large gif animation. The save location is
For a superior experience, have some music playing!

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