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In the wake of Earth’s devastation, Humanity sent various expeditions to Abyss-62e, a newly discovered ocean class planet and the only hospitable one within its reach. The objective of the Abyssal Colonization Project was to lay the foundations of a new Human civilization. However, it quickly became apparent that this was not the underwater heaven we expected it to be.

The planet’s atmosphere is not only toxic, but it’s almost impenetrable for the rays that power Abyss-62e’s strangely rich ecosystem. The colony soon realized that the fauna here developed even without light, some in unpredictable and atrocious ways. Beware, they lurk in the darkness, beyond our beacons’ reach.

  • Build your underwater colony on the newly discovered planet, Abyss-62e.
  • Survive these hostile waters, gathering the scarce resources you can find.
  • Obtain and distribute oxygen through the high-pressured depths.
  • Light up your colony to avoid creatures lurking in the darkness.
  • Explore your surroundings, research this planet and improve your tech.

As the last bastion of human society, settle in the depths and create a strong light and oxygen infrastructure to survive. Improve your energy sources and optimize your consumption.

Research and explore the environment to make the best out of the local resources and upgrade your technology. Learn to mine, harvest, and fish on Abyss-62e.

Expand and grow your new-founded colony in the depths while keeping humankind off the dangerous darkness. Survival is at stake.

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