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A tale of broken hearts and mending souls...

Absinthia is a turn-based RPG that explores themes of love, loss, betrayal and acceptance as four close friends fight to protect their home.

The Ambrose Isles are home to many things: A port full of cunning pirates, a deadly swamp, a desert kingdom, an isle of tropical beasts... But for those who'd prefer to live a simple life free of danger, Katti Town is the place to be.

…Or was, rather--as the town suddenly found itself battling a horde of shadowy minions and their leader, Lilith. But hope was not lost--before Lilith could claim victory, a traveling knight appeared and drove back Lilith`s forces with ease.

Now known as the Hero of Katti Town, the knight Freya took three villagers under her wing: Sera, a young warrior who fights to protect her grandmother; Thomas, an aspiring mage; and his partner Jake, a talented, yet uninspired, rogue. Together, they train to protect Katti Town, defeat Lilith, and to answer the question on everyone’s minds: Why is Lilith attacking the Ambrose Isles to begin with, and for that matter… Who is Freya?

  • Traditional turn-based jRPG battle system featuring a regenerating MP system for faster-paced combat, powerful team-based attacks and no random encounters!
  • Difficulty options for those who seek challenge--or only want to focus on the story
  • An all-queer character cast featuring Freya, a trans woman, and partners Jake and Thomas
  • Colorful handheld-style pixel art and illustrations
  • Original soundtrack: Composed by Jazz Stewart, Absinthia's soundtrack is a modern take on some of the greatest tunes from the SNES era of jRPGs
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