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In Abglantz, a game inspired by classic 90's first person shooters, you will...

Explore strange places inhabited by hostile creatures and uncover their mysteries. Avoid deadly traps and use them against your enemies. Lava, poisonous fluids or endless pits pose a risk to you but might come in handy to get rid of your persecutors, too. Some usefull things are hidden and require a trained eye to be found.

Collect a variety of weapons with different abilities and grow stronger with your arsenal.

Health, armor and ammo will keep you alive while keys will let you travel deeper.

Some artefacts can give you special powers as long as you hold them but those should be handled with care.

Fight eldritch horrors, relentless beings born from nightmares. Perforate, explode them into chunks or throw them into their demise. They will not show mercy either.
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