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A Place, Forbidden

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A Place, Forbidden is a first-person lo-fi horror-puzzle game that takes place in a cursed Library. It is and shall remain completely free, and features a variety of puzzles and no small amount of reading. Though the notes and books are not always imperative to gameplay, skipping them will detract from the experience.


The Library of Ouroboros. You awaken here with no memory of how you've arrived - though faint recollections of searching, of the Library's name, stick in your mind like scraps of torn paper.

The reek of dust, of old wood, and of something... more difficult to place hang in the air. Is that a distant ringing you hear, or merely your imagination? And why do you feel so strange? So hot? Like a pair of eyes - no, much more than a single pair - are watching your every movement, reading your every thought, like words on the yellowed pages of an ancient book...

A Place, Forbidden was initially released as a demo on the 2020 Haunted PS1 Demo DIsc.

Conor Walsh, Writing and Design
Dennis Müller, Scripting and Design
Gábor Papp, 3D Modeling and Materials
Aidan Cushing, Scripting
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

the library of forever, never ending, always crushing your mind.
a short free indie horror experience that escaped itchio
if youre afraid of books, hidden knowledge, secret arcane lore... maybe you could give this a try

Review from Steam

This is a perfect example of a low budget/no budget indie title done RIGHT. The whole thing has the feel of a fever dream circa 1997 and start to finish it throws enough strangeness and curiosities to keep a player engaged the entire time. The puzzles can be tricky, but not to the point they will drive someone to rage quit in sheer frustration.
This an absolute gem that shows what a free horror game should be; Engaging, provoking, and with just enough oddness to keep you going. No jump scares or cheap tricks involved, just a good story in a very odd world that fits perfectly for the art style and era this game invokes.
i highly recommend this game to any horror fan, from casual to hardcore and to any who love the feel of retro games with an element of strange to them.

Review from Steam

-Where do you work out?
-At the library.
A great experience!
Played twice and both times felt like i was really exploring something forsaken.
Very deliborate and creepy writing! I usually skip all of the "reading" parts of the games, but this time it was a very pleasant experience.
Level desighn is great
Hidden memes are great
Gameplay is suspencefull
Overall exccelent experience! I wish we could have more games like this

Review from Steam

The graphics in A Place, Forbidden are reminiscent of PS1 horror games, the atmosphere is immersive and adds to the nostalgic experience. I would recommend this to anyone, even people who have not been interested in horror games previously.
There are NO jumpscares, which is a nice breath of fresh air when compared to the usual style of modern indie horror games which is lack of quality game design with obnoxious jumpscares to compensate. I would happily spend money on this game and thoroughly enjoyed getting every achievement over two playthroughs.
Puzzles can be slightly challenging but overall manageable, being someone who never enjoyed difficult puzzles in games I found it to be a compliment to the experience. Overall love this game and the atmosphere, an absolute must play, especially for free :)

Review from Steam

Kinda random find, but very very good. Enjoyed it.

Review from Steam


Review from Steam

A good short game. Well made puzzles as well.

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