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A Night With Gigsjaw VR

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A Night With Gigsjaw is a VR survival horror game, where you must survey your surroundings and survive. Evil robots will try to get to your room from 2 side doors and a vent above you. Check the cameras to keep track of them, listen out for movement in the vents, keep an eye on your power, and turn off the generator to charge it up if need be. But be careful, you won't have access to any lights or doors. Use your flashlight to peer into the darkness around you. Although you may not like what you see.

Game contains Flashing lights, and loud jumpscares. If either of these things can effect you, please take caution when playing.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

NEW REVIEW: Everything I said in the previous review was fixed and more! This game is a fun enjoyable project to play. The dev completely changed how the game looks and plays with new UI and new assets. A complete overhaul to it, and to say its the same game is just shaming the dev that listened to my feedback and others. I would pick it up as in my eyes its worth the 8 bucks. Couple hours of content for a funny scary game.
OLD REVIEW: This game is a simple variation of a survival horror resource management-esk game, I wish for more assets and different textures to be implemented in the games updates in the future. I believe this game has a lot of potential to be fun and engaging but needs to be worked on.

Review from Steam

My lil heart couldn't take this game man. It's not too difficult but challenging enough to keep coming back to. It's a really great horror game and honestly pretty addicting. I told myself after dying multiple times to the orphan and mostly wardo (he licks your toes btw) that one more game then I'm done. But watching that clock go down and seeing how far I can get each time just makes me want to go back to see if I can survive til the end. I would say for a five dollar game it's really worth it, four different difficulty modes plus messing with the time clock to see how long you can survive makes the game more interesting. One last thing to mention even though you are left there to either survive or die, at least your captor leaves you a cool Gigsjaw cup to make you feel a bit safer from the four murderous creatures.

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