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A Gift of War

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In your little town, all young men and women are put to a test when they reach their 18th birthday. If they pass, they are taken into the Academy of the Gifted, where they are trained to assist in the war effort.

The day of your test has come. Do you have what it takes to show you are gifted?

Growing up in your small town has been a good life. The threat of war was always far away, somewhere across the border. The little town always felt like a haven of safety in this turbulent world.

Even though food was rationed and everyone contributed to the war effort in their own way, the townfolk felt united under a common purpose. The war gave you something to work for, but never appeared as a direct threat.

But now, for the first time in your life, you are about to face its horrors directly.

A Gift of War is a role playing game about a young man going on a mission to assist his country's war effort against the bordering enemy.

It features simultaneous turn-based combat akin to a roguelike, but its levels are carefully crafted by hand, offering unique challenges and a hand-written story to enjoy.

You won't have to face the enemy alone - hire companions and assemble a party. Every character in the party can be controlled directly, and there are many different skills, spells, weapons, and layered armor pieces to customize your party with.

Go forth and protect your country from the foreign invaders!

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