A Ghostly Rose

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Note: A Ghostly Rose is a full blown remake of Three Ghostly Roses. It is not the same game. If you played Three Ghostly Roses, this will be an entirely new experience.

The Web is ablaze. Four bright flames that will forever change the very fabric of the Web. An unstable place, with a canvas that is painted from willpower. It has a reality that is far too flexible. Without an anchor, who knows the terrors one would become?

The laughter never ends. Bouncing off the hollow walls, tainting the weak and strong alike.

Edmund found himself entrapped. He does not know where he is. He does not know how he got there. Edmund knows he is in a most terrible place and that he must stop at no end to fight his way through.

With nothing but the clothes on his back, Edmund must punch and kick his way past anything that stands in his way. He cannot hold back. Edmund must smash heads, snap arms, and break legs. Anything to shatter the foe. Even the slightest hesitation would mean defeat. And defeat in this terrible Web is a fate much worse than death.

Edmund will do anything to see her again. One last time.


A Ghostly Rose is a SNES inspired turn-based RPG with a strong focus on character. Discover who Edmund is in this surreal and gloomy world, where he must break his way through a variety of dungeons and crush the bones of his enemies.

Edmund fights alone. He must use Martial Arts to injure the foe’s body parts and shatter them mentally. Be warned, the enemy can injure Edmund’s body parts as well.

Discover what Mentally Breaks each foe. Is it a Head Injury? Or is it being near death? Perhaps it can be Edmund’s sheer refusal to lose.


– An emotional character based story. Find out who Edmund is and face the uncomfortable truths of death.
– Deep turn-based RPG battles, fast turn-based RPG battles. Find out what Mentally Breaks each foe by using deadly Martial Arts.
– User-friendly level design. No random encounters. Completing the room of enemies means they stay gone.
– Not too long. Not too short. Around 8 hours of gameplay.
– All original pixel art.
– A haunting original FM Synth inspired soundtrack.

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