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A Fishy RPG

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A Fishy RPG is a game focused on survival and exploration. It's also a fishing game, in the way that this is the main mechanism to gain experience, improve your stats and progress through the game. The main objective is to find the legendary fishes. In order to do so, you must improve your stats to be able to explore deeper caves and also improve your fishing rod to be able to catch rarer fish easier. Even though the game is built towards a specific story, it also offers the possibility of free exploration in a procedurally generated universe.

- Procedurally generated map and caves;
- 3.000 unique and procedurally generated fish to catch;
- Save and load the game at any point;
- Engaging fishing mechanism;
- Four playable characters;
- Stats to improve (power, defense and speed);
- Equipment to improve (fishing rod and gun);
- Wild life, besides the fish, to hunt (and be hunted!)...
- ...
- Eight legendary fish.

Regarding the caves/layers, fishing rod and legendary fish
You move from one layer to another (deeper caves) through portals. Be sure to upgrade your gun so you can break the rocks to access deeper levels. And, of course, be sure to upgrade your stats before going too deep :). Your fishing rod as well as your current layer/cave determine the range of fish you may catch. Now go catch some fishhhh.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

A small retro style mid 80's arcade game
The Developer has tried for an approachable classic look, and considering the requested price tag has definitely aimed for a niche market.
Calling the game an RPG is a bit of a stretch but one does have Character Skills to grow and choose between which do affect how your interaction with the world goes down. This primary interaction, is an arcade interface fishing action with the prime directive being to discover more interesting and valuable 8-bit fishies.
If you have fond memories of similar BBC Micro or Amiga games, you'll find a few hours enjoyment here. But if you are of the full 3D power hungry FPS generation I'd be suprised to find you being enthralled here.
**Having received the product free as part of the CURATOR PROGRAM I have gifted 2 friends copies that I bought**

Review from Steam

It's a good Idea, but could we lay off the Carpal Tunnel syndrome

Review from Steam

There is fishing! what is there not to love! Fishing all day long! I hate my wife!

Review from Steam

This game is incredible. It as absolutely life changing I went into this game but a mere child and left a man this game will change your life. They say a good book can change your life, well a great game can do more than just change your life it can change your world. Thank you for coming to my TED talk

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