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A Couple Of Cubes

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A Couple of Cubes is a co-operative multiplayer puzzle-platformer set in a world of cubes. You play as Hugh and Boyd, regular cube people going about their lives when a disaster strikes and grants them exciting new powers! Work together to progress through platforming puzzles!

Co-Operative GameplayPlay in either split-screen or online with a friend! Progress through physics based puzzles to escape the sci-fi facility you have been trapped in and unveil the mysteries behind your captors. Each character has different abilities that complement each level's puzzle based design.PhysicsA Couple of Cubes is a heavily physics-based game. Move objects with characters abilities and pick up objects to solve puzzles with the game's physics interactions.Key Features
  • Online Co-op!
  • Split-Screen Co-Operative Gameplay - Play A Couple of Cubes in couch co-op mode or Steam Remote Play Together with a friend!
  • Steam Remote Play Together - Play online with a friend through Steam's Remote Play Together feature, or using the built in online mode for full-screen gameplay.
  • Unique Character Abilities - Hugh can change his material and Boyd can change his size, to help each other progress through each levels puzzles.
  • Physics Based Puzzles - Progress through increasingly difficult physics based puzzles by working together as a team.
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