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A Christmas Peril

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The weather outside might be frightful, but in a snowball fight that means unlimited ammo.

Celebrate the holidays with an easy-to-pick-up snowball fight between you and the rest of the kids in the schoolyard. Fight against AI opponents or your friends via local co-op to determine who will come out on top this holiday season. The best part: 100% of proceeds from A Christmas Peril will be donated to local charity LOFT Community Services in Toronto, Canada.

Pour some eggnog. Support a good cause. Have fun.

- Fun and frantic snowball fight action with simple controls. Jump, crouch and use high ground to find the perfect angle of attack.

- Four holiday levels: a snow day in the Schoolyard, a calm sunset stroll through the forest, a contested suburban Cul-de-Sac, and a hectic blizzard.

- Settings that let you customize just how action-packed the snowball fight will be: cruise through a relaxed skirmish or crank up the difficult and make every snowball a game changer.

- Snow provides unlimited ammo: ambush your enemies and try to avoid your friends in the crossfire, because snowballs don't care about friendly fire.

- 100% of proceeds will be donated to a local charity in Toronto, Canada. Celebrate the spirit of the holidays and help those less fortunate.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

A good family-friendly casual indie game, and probably one of the few Christmas themed games actually worth playing for a few hours.

Review from Steam

A great little game for a great little cause!

Review from Steam

A pretty cool game.
All the elements work.
I like that the proceeds go to charity.
I wish there were some extra bells and whistles: maybe a target shooting mode.

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