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About1M84 is an upcoming MMO RPG game. With multiple features within the game and countless things to do. You can do things from having a pet guinea pig to starting your own faction and interact with other players. This Multiplayer server based game is perfect for chill back fun.Things to Do!(this Is A Long List!)


  • Make Friends
  • Chat
  • Trade With others
  • Endless Quests and Adventures
  • Fight Monsters
  • Pick Your Own Adventure!

QuestsThere are lots of quests you can take. Each is special and give different rewards. Some quests need to have special levels and or tools to start the quests. Within 1M84, there is nothing you can’t do. There are endless quests and only you can decide how they are done. You can even go on quests with your friends and partake in an epic battle.AvatarsYou can customize your avatar how you like! You can pick from different classes, you can change your outfit from the start. You can then buy clothes and other items from merchants and stores.CraftingYou can craft over 100 items within 1M84, you can craft food, potions, medicine, clothes, and other items. You can gather resources from trading and doing quests.

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