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防衛の村長~Mayor of Defense~

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Defense simulation game
1 to 4 players can play.

You are the village chief.
Just when you thought the promised slow life was waiting for you...

A monster that attacks without end!

Almost a one-man operation!

Black Village!

Work to get materials, money and hire mercenaries to defend your village.

You can make an axe, pickaxe, hoe, and fishing rod on your workbench.

You can collect materials from trees with an axe and stones with a pickaxe.

The material will revive after a certain amount of time.

You can bury the seeds in the field with a mulberry when you have the seeds.

Eating food will increase your maximum SP by 1.

If you act with [X button], your SP is reduced by 1.

Resting at home will restore your SP.

If you run out of SP, you will fall down and a doctor will come to your aid.

But they will take money.

Merchants will appear several times a day.

You can sell wood, stone, food, or buy seeds.

The monsters will progress to the village.

When the monster reaches the village, the game is over.

Hire and intercept mercenaries for food and money.

Wages = mercenary's HP.

The red gauge time period consumes SP, so go home to sleep.

Saving is done automatically in the morning.
This game is gamepad recommended.
See in-game for instructions on how to use the gamepad.

-keyboard operation-

Movement: cross keys
Work: z
Decision: x
Cancel: c
Equipment Toggle: A Or D
Entering a house, using a workbench or furnace: s
Reset: F5
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

An unusual hybrid between arcade and Harvest Moon that works very well. Very original and innovative. Its most challenging aspect is juggling between your tasks, stamina and resources, but eventually you get the hang of it.
More options become available as you play; you can build walls, fortify your home, even work at a mine if you're short on cash.
I haven't tried multiplayer yet, but that's also a nice touch.
I do wish it would have mentioned you need to go to the title screen to save your progress. I lost a good 20 days on my first run.
Another issue I have is it's hard to quantify the effectiveness of mercenaries versus the oncoming enemies. By day 30 I'm throwing everything at them and the kitchen sink and all my guys are dead. Am I doing something wrong?
If you want something new and addictive, this is the game for you, despite its often mysterious balancing issues.

Review from Steam

Very fun game. The developer even fixed an issue I pointed out within a day!

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