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虚国:元灵召唤 Virtual country: Yuan fairy summon

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In this "chaotic" space-time, there are multiple parallel worlds, and the protagonists in different worlds will be played by players!

Team up and take risks with each other, playing an important role in this time and space!

Players will embark on the road of finding their father, choose to join Nino or Heichi, or remain neutral,

With Yuanling, who has been accepted, we have developed enough technology cards, collected and traded resources, and traveled all over the road of Zuge ancient fair,

Find your father, solve mysteries, become a bridge for trade and exchange among various forces, or become a powerful great magician!

The art is in a hurry. It will be optimized and modified later - sorry! [boxing] [boxing]

Game features:

[original fighting mechanism, cultivation mechanism and synthesis production mechanism]

Open world, free trade

Characters have life span and cards have durability (hero reincarnation, ordinary characters will die,)

Role: subdue Yuanling through an "empty card" similar to baokemeng elf ball

Cultivation: grow according to the real time, and determine the growth direction and potential according to the use habits

Card: obtain formula or self-developed formula, collect materials and make cards

Difference: the quality and matching degree of the formula or the matching degree of the self-developed formula affect the durability and card effect


*We hope it will become a [revolutionary] card game*

Hello, demons, the virtual country: the call of the yuan spirit was originally called the virtual mutual country;

We are a small independent team from Nanning, Guangxi, China. We have endured four years of zero income. Our mission is to make an interesting game with market economy and can operate for more than 10 years. Therefore, many designs in the game are designed in the long-term direction [remind: some designs may be different and unreasonable], You can experience the specific details in the game.

1. What kind of game is virtual country: Yuan Ling call?

-------[no card drawing, light cultivation, easy to use, difficult to master]:

-------Mild MMORPG + CARDS + chess + offline growth, and will improve and join MoBa competition in the future

2. What is the fighting mechanism?

-------We hope that the battle mechanism of virtual country: Yuan Ling's call will bring revolutionary significance to the game of warchess.
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