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This is a contains adventure, build battle, role play game

Build a corps and build with the players

Recruit more members, strengthen the strength of the legion

Can increase land, can have larger territory

Expand the Legion's territory to collect more building sites, keep pets and give it a name

Adventure with pets, collect resources, grow crops, timed irrigation, fertilize, if it is not well taken, it will wither

Harvesting crops When eating blood, you can immediately restore blood volume. Collect iron ore, upgrade and make weapons.

Upgrade weapons to increase weapon damage Hunt with pets Get loot

Killing animals to get meat. Supplementing the fullness. Players attacking different legions (PVP) should also be carefully attacked.

Bring the supplies, lead the mercenaries, fight the enemy

In the er-mo world,

players can challenge various exotic creatures to gain valuable resources,

or occupy rare resource points to increase the strategic advantage of your legions.

In the confrontation between players,

you can create legions and build your own homes.

No matter the furnishings in the room or the construction of the castle,

you can build according to your own preferences.

Or you can choose to be a lone hero, find your own place in the wide world, build your own home, and then you can go out and fight other players, or enjoy being in your own place all the time.
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