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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Edit 2: My English localization is now in the base game, so no more mod is required! Pog
Edit: Updated review for the 4/15/2022 major update.
Great value for the price, and easy to pick up and play. Good replayability.
A run is comprised of making it through 3 stages with 30 spaces each, with different types of spaces to land on. There is a forced boss battle at the end of each stage, and your goal is to become strong enough to defeat the final boss. A full run will take around 30-40 minutes at normal speed, perhaps even 20-25 once you get more familiar with the game.
You have 13 different Monster Girls to choose from, each having a mostly-unique set of ~10 Skills (2 Monster Girls share a skill set, and a few Skills are shared across some others). Every Monster Girl has 2 starting Skills, and the rest can be learned during the run.
Every Monster Girl also starts with an Artifact. Artifacts are items that usually provide a passive effect, such as increasing the gain rate of an attribute, expanding your playing hand, doubling gold gained, etc. There are 65 unique Artifacts in the game.
As the game is a rogue-lite, you will unlock some content via spending Magic Stones on Breeder Packs between runs. Magic Stones are given based on the score of each run you do, and playing on higher difficulties means a higher score multiplier, so there is incentive to challenge yourself.
The game is split into two parts - progressing through the overworld, and combat spaces.
In the overworld, you will use cards to raise the stats of your Monster Girl, and each card has a movement cost associated with it, which will move you that many spaces forward. There are 43 unique cards in the game.
Landing on a combat space will make you fight another Monster Girl, and if you win you can choose between 2 sets of cards to take. You can win an artifact if the combat space is a more difficult one. Losing is game over.
Combat is in real-time, and each Skill has an AP (Action-Point) cost associated with it. Some have charge-up times as well. You have an AP bar that fills up over time, but the higher AP you have, the more damage you will receive. Thus, you need to consider when to use a Skill, and when to save up AP, perhaps for a debuff+attack combo.
As of the date of this review, there is no official English support for the game (it is coming eventually), however, I have translated the entire game into English myself and made an easy-to-install mod for it.
You can find more details and how to install the English mod in my Steam Guide for the game here:
Game now includes my translations by default!

Review from Steam

Cute game. Very simple. Just wish it had more monsters.
The translation (fanmade) is pretty okay too.

Review from Steam

they got a damn whale girl

Review from Steam

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Beat the StS-like linear adventure and become a winner of the tournament! Greatly cute anime monster girls to be grow up, roguelite element. High replayability.

Review from Steam

If you enjoy Slay the Spire you will enjoy this game. Simple but addictive, with cute monster girls too!

Review from Steam

Cute game. Cute monsters. It's nothing in-depth but the gameplay is satisfying enough as a little time waster.
Protip: The normal difficulties are a little too easy so don't be afraid to dive in on normal and then jack it up.

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