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Шеф-повар Чен

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《Chef Chen》 is a cooperative multiplayer game, where you can cook the monsters in the fantasy world with many adventures and enjoy the food together. Currently the game supports up to 4 players (Local) and Steam Remote Play. Let’s work together and make delicious dishes!

Chef Chen came to the fantasy world by chance. He encounters a group of hungry animals, and sees monster bodies everywhere. With Chef Chen's excellent cooking skill, he turns the monsters into delicious dishes! That saves his animal friends who were almost starved to death and it replenishes their strength and magic power so that they can continue the journey of adventure.

Would you like to sit down with your friends and have a nice meal? Play the role of Chef Chen and use your talent and team up with your friends to defeat the monsters. Let's cook a good meal together, and then enjoy the gourmet.* Food to hunt* Food to hunt* Limited kitchen knife availability
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Fun game but only 12 short levels are currently available. Doesn't take long to complete.

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