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Inbrazed Village was invaded and destroyed four years ago. Hero, Furtive and Brute have trained since then. And now, Inbrazed Village will be heroic, furtive or brutally avenged. But it depends on the focus on the goal and, who knows, maybe find, arrive or reach the zenith...

Choose from three characters and travel through a region infested with creatures and opponents. Is it worth helping strangers? Is revenge a one-way path? Is mercy for the weak? You will decide... But the path will be arduous...

Automatic Battle System

No screen change, with direct combat, fast and without endless repetition of commands - everything happens automatically. Improve stats by leveling up when facing enemies, finding or buying equipment, and with energy crystals. Receive enhancement at higher levels. But what about the zenith?


* HELP the villagers, SEEK information, or EXECUTE your enemies! Focus on your goals!

* Combat speed increases with character level!

* Open World, for some...

* Nearly Impossible Bonus - optional suffering

* Game Time: 5 hours/character

* The Emperor's Army has arrived! Did I find, arrive or reach the Zenith?

* If I lived in this world my name would be Developer and yours would be Player :)
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