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Zeit²™ is a traditional side-scrolling, 2D, shoot-’em-up game that brings unprecedented elements to the game experience. Zeit²’s unique time travel feature has yet to be seen in this genre even after decades of great games.

Intuitive controls allow players to move forward and backward in time making it possible for the player to combine shots and power, and even be assisted by a shadow version of yourself. Blast away swarms of enemies, get the highest score and discover how you can assist yourself in new exciting ways by warping time at will.

Key Features
  • Time Travel: Assist yourself and perform stunning moves by interacting with your time shadow when travelling back in time. Pace the game and gain extra points by speeding up time. Balance your time travel and life energy to master the game through 70 challenges.
  • 8 Epic Bosses Battles: Discover the potential of your arsenal of powerful moves while fighting over a dozen different enemies and defeating the eight massive bosses.
  • Weapon Upgrades: Your main weapon can be upgraded three times and you will feel the striking force of your additional weapon systems including Beam-Shot, Chain-Shot and Shockwave. The bonus system gives you extra score multipliers as long as you don’t miss out on shooting all enemies.
  • 6 Challenging Game Modes: Go on a journey through 20 chapters of action and variety in the Arcade mode. Challenge others for the highest score in the other modes: Score Attack, Survival, Wave, Time Limit and Tactics. All modes are well integrated with leaderboards and unlockable achievements.
  • Easily accessible for the casual player and yet challenging for the hardcore gamer.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I never ssen such great and unique mechanics in a shooter since Ikaruga. Besides this game has a great soundtrack, great artwork and for a 10 dollar price tag is will provide a a lenghy fun experience. Higlhy recomended, if you still have some doubt , just download the demo.

Review from Steam

In this game, time bending mechanics profoundly change the dynamics of a classic scrolling shooter. The challenges are designed so a tatical use of time travelling is tied to a very deep score system.
This is the most underrated shooter of all times. This game is a perfect exemple of how indie games can be REALLY cool. It has really nice graphics, it's crazy optmized and has an incredibly novelty factor. The time traveling mechanics may not seem new, but they are used in such a way I'v never seen before or since.
I played this game for the first time in a hostel in San Francisco in 2009, when I went to represent a game I worked on (called City Rain) as one of the games nominated for the Independent Games Festival Student Showcase Award.
Zeit² was another game nominated and the devs were staying at the same hostel than I and they showed it to me at the leisure area underneath the dorm rooms. And I have to say that it was simply mind blowing.
I never forget this game. I always think about it when I think of SHMUPS and this is the game who made me want to make a SHMUP one day.
In the end of the day, the game who was contemplated with the awards was a half life mod that endeup being bought by Valve so its mechanics could be added to Portal 2. But who cares? For me, Zeit² was the best indie game of 2009.

Review from Steam

Just a plain shoot all-o-them spaceship thingies emitting halo thingie with bullets thingie and literally nothing outta box to add into it. Like K, if our dereanged spaceship gets its energy drained everytime you miss a shot and a uncommon time travel feature that creates a black blop like thing that shoots all you shot before you pressed time travel button on keyboard. Other than that, its just , bad guys coming from right side of the screen, you dealing with them and going crazy, sprinkling them bullets Aall over the goddamn screen.
Sorry but princess is in another castle ! K game but not expecting somethin like this from ubisoft . Yup, its by the same company, that brought us farcry and tom clancy and assassins creed.

Review from Steam

After you learn the controls this is actually a quite addictive game (I changed the controls to the five lower buttons on the numpad). You start out with an arcade mode which goes from easy to frustrating hard. After playing arcade you'll unlock a new mode, and a new mode after playing this, and so on. There's actually quite a few game modes to unlock, where the last is the most interresting; namely the Challenge mode. Some of the achievements can only be obtained through this mode, and some are very different from the usual bunch, such as "get a better score than a randomly chosen person in a randomly chosen level".
Another fun feature that sets this game away from other side-scrolling flying shooters is the time-travel abilities. You can fast travel throw time, which gives you bonus score, or you can rewind time such that you can replay a few seconds (while your other timeline self's shots still count).
An interresting twist on a classic game genre, and I can only recommend it.

Review from Steam

An exquisite rendition of a bioluminscent trip down neon lane. Quite expensive but in my opinion well worth the asking price. A quality title; slick, polished and demonstrates there is a whole lot more than learning enemy patterns. The time travelling element has been implemented well and adds to the dymanic bells and whilstles. Yes Sir/Madame, I wholeheartly loved my time spent with Zeit Squared.

Review from Steam

A great arcade game, only missed one Multiplayer.

Review from Steam

Ez to learn, hard to master...
Zeit 2 is a great game for just a few bucks, its fast paced arcade style gameplay reminds of alot of the old rail shooters back in the day of arcade gaming.
If you have a few mins to kill, or just want to test your reflexes, give Zeit 2 a try.