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XING: The Land Beyond

XING: The Land Beyond is an atmospheric first-person puzzle adventure game set in the afterlife. In death, you will find yourself on a journey across a series of mysterious lands filled with the thoughts and personalities of those long lost. Follow forgotten stories, collect artifacts, solve puzzles, and discover secrets as you make your own adventure through the mysteries of The Land Beyond.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Beautiful puzzle game with mostly pros but some cons for me
First of all, the four chapters in the main part of the game, where you collect most of the runes, are really good. In the center of each stands the story of a man, woman or child, in which their life and death are told. You wander through, solve puzzles and find the story tablets, runes and hint columns. Hints are vague but helpful, give you a nudge, how you can use the elements in your puzzles to solve them and progress. Puzzles start with easy to moderate to more difficult - are doable but it takes times to plan and then realize your solutions. Sadly the game allows you, to f*** up totally and then your chance is a restart of the level to get out of your selfmade mess - a clear con. On the other hand, how should one program a reset in this kind of puzzles? So carefully planning and a backup of your savefiles can help here - for me it was a must.
After the first part of 4 chapters, you have a second part with mainly just stories, where you find your missing 2 runes and go through a portal.. not into the finish of it all, but into another part, that is full of puzzles again. By that time, you already have 100% of the game, so I think, those, who are tired of puzzles, can just stop and end the game. But for a real ending of it all, Akasha is the last step.
One point to the jumps in Xing: most of them are easy, not like in a platformer, but as the game is for VR as well, it feels different, failing can happen. There is a jump help, which shows you, where to start. And the game is friendly: often you are transported back directly from where you started your jump.
I did play on my notebook, not VR
Overall my experience was positive and I can recommend this game!

Review from Steam

Played in VR.
I bought and played this on PSVR with PS4 Pro 2.5 years ago. I loved it. When I got PCVR (2 years ago?) I showed the dev my PSN store receipt and they kindly supplied a free Steam copy for me. Finally today I decided to spend some real time with it again, having learned there was a community binding made for the Reverb G2, my current headset.
It's as wonderful as ever. I will say, on PS4 Pro it looked gorgeous and I didn't have to fiddle with any settings or troubleshoot. On PCVR I had to fiddle with the settings a lot to get them right for my computer (high end laptop with a 3080 - about equivalent to a PC 3070 or so). For example, it defaulted to 100% screen resolution which turned out to be very low for this game. Once I turned it up to 180% it looked great and still (just barely) hitting 90fps (sometimes dropping below).
All other graphics settings I maxxed out except for:
SSAO Quality - Low (minimal difference, significant performance improvement)
AA Quality - TAA (best choice for VR imo)
Fog Quality - Volume Medium (Volume High looked a touch better but cost ~10fps!)
Anyways, this game is a really wonderful adventure game with comfy and enjoyable puzzles. And beautiful nature scenery. It is memorable, meaningful, engaging and immersive. I highly recommend it.
Movement is a little dated, on the G2 (I think on other standard headsets you might be able to move like 'normal' with joystick? I'm not positive). But you get used to it and it works well enough. Doesn't stop it from being a fantastic game.
EDIT: For fellow G2 users, I created a custom binding that improves controls. Turning is still a little unusual (but works fine). Movement can now be controlled with joystick. You can find this binding publicly listed.
It also has a really gorgeous soundtrack (which is also on Bandcamp!).
There is an issue with this game, that seems to be tied to Intel Gen 11 CPUs. Thankfully it can be fixed easily!
If your game loads the opening logo and then immediately closes without getting to the main menu, you are probably having this issue. Thanks to OwlBaby in the Steam Discussions thread for sharing this fix (which in turn was discovered by someone else):
1. Right click on "this computer" or This PC then properties (or right click the windows 10 button and go to System)
2, Then on the right hand side "advanced system settings"
3. On the Advanced tab choose Environment Variables
4. In THE SECOND window click NEW
Enter name in the first box
5. OPENSSL_ia32cap
Enter value in the second box
6. ~0x200000200000000
Then click OK
1 last important step

Review from Steam

Hidden gem of VR.
If you like well done puzzles in an atmospheric world full of subtle storytelling- you will love this game.
If you have a VR headset this is a must play experience.

Review from Steam

It's a puzzle game, okay!? Everything else is secondary. It is a great puzzle game, though, amazing even: It's in full 3D and with a good variety of things to figure out and places to explore. Exploration wasn’t a main theme, but there were some rewards to be found here and there. I had a great few hours of good fun.
The game also offers a large variety of fruit—and coconuts, which count as fruit. I set the coconuts on fire and watched them burn. I fed big fish with fruit-shaped hand-grenades—or hand-grenade-shaped fruits. I bounced other kinds of fruit on drums in a sometimes obscure order.
The main character is a collector of dead souls and, apparently, when we die, we all speak in rhymed verse with odd metrics. As the grim reaper you have many perfectly expected talents like pushing boxes, controlling the time of day, and making it rain (not snow, never snow, nor hail). It’s great.
I have no idea why I am doing all these shenanigans, but I'm having fun and that's all I'm asking for. There’s also a lot of extra content. When you are not solving puzzles, you can just walk around for a bit and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
The stories being told by the souls you collect are of an intra.personal nature.
I ended up muting the music and listening only to the natural sounds (rain, wind, birds etc), which was nice and relaxing.
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Review from Steam

I loved the stories it told. Most puzzles were engaging and some latter ones I was beginning to give up (because of puzzle fatigue) and looked at online tutorials. It is still good and a great VR experience.