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Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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Witcher 3 is a fantasy game you dreamed about - meet hundreds of different supernatural creatures in a unique world, where humans live together with other races. Some of them are evil, some of them are good. You are a witcher, your friends are in danger, travel the world to understand what powers wants to destroy the world and try to stop them, while enjoying thousands of local stories and breathtaking situations.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous

Actually returned to Witcher after the recent Netflix series, because I didn't have time for Blood&Wine campaign before. I have to admit it's pretty solid. Bright, full of jokes and adventures, engaging from the very first missions. Plot about high vampires is also very entertaining.

If you missed it for some reason, it would be your best bet to go for it asap.

World is really big and really beautiful, especially Blood and Wine world, which is probably the most beautiful world I've seen in games. Riding with your horse through this world, while listening to epic music is really fun. However when you get bored of riding, you can always use one of many fast travel points. There are few big cities in this game, and a lot of villages. There are too many side quests to do, you can find them on notice boards all over the world, or accept contracts from random people that you meet. I personally dislike doing those tasks, because they don't have any connection to the story, and also this game is too easy, so no need to grind.However side quests that you get from main characters while playing main story can be really interesting, and I completed all of them. Game has options to play Hearts of Stone or Blood and Wine directly without having to beat the main game, so that's a nice thing

I was impressed by the ending - it was very well directed in a hollywood style. Epic visuals, epic music, epic story ending. Also some evil creatures design is horryfing in good meaning, witches for example. Ciri rocks!

Review from Steam

Thanks to this game my family, friends and my boyfriend started to value me more because they haven't seen me for 2 weeks.

Review from Steam

I threw the baby into the oven.

Review from Steam

Great game. If you want to escape reality and just relax en enjoy another world. Go roam in the world of The Witcher.

Review from Steam

silver for monsters
steel for humans
coin for your witcher

Review from Steam

I'm an idiot for not playing this earlier, this is actually great : the game

Review from Steam

You can do everything you can't do in real life, like casting magic and talking to girls

Review from Steam

Still holds up to this day and still one of the best gaming experiences i've ever had

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