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Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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Witcher 3 is a fantasy game you dreamed about - meet hundreds of different supernatural creatures in a unique world, where humans live together with other races. Some of them are evil, some of them are good. You are a witcher, your friends are in danger, travel the world to understand what powers wants to destroy the world and try to stop them, while enjoying thousands of local stories and breathtaking situations.
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Review by Anonymous

Actually returned to Witcher after the recent Netflix series, because I didn't have time for Blood&Wine campaign before. I have to admit it's pretty solid. Bright, full of jokes and adventures, engaging from the very first missions. Plot about high vampires is also very entertaining.

If you missed it for some reason, it would be your best bet to go for it asap.

World is really big and really beautiful, especially Blood and Wine world, which is probably the most beautiful world I've seen in games. Riding with your horse through this world, while listening to epic music is really fun. However when you get bored of riding, you can always use one of many fast travel points. There are few big cities in this game, and a lot of villages. There are too many side quests to do, you can find them on notice boards all over the world, or accept contracts from random people that you meet. I personally dislike doing those tasks, because they don't have any connection to the story, and also this game is too easy, so no need to grind.However side quests that you get from main characters while playing main story can be really interesting, and I completed all of them. Game has options to play Hearts of Stone or Blood and Wine directly without having to beat the main game, so that's a nice thing

I was impressed by the ending - it was very well directed in a hollywood style. Epic visuals, epic music, epic story ending. Also some evil creatures design is horryfing in good meaning, witches for example. Ciri rocks!

Review from Steam

Thanks to this game my family, friends and my boyfriend started to value me more because they haven't seen me for 2 weeks.

Review from Steam

Imagine you're working in a 9-5 corporate job, you're done with your work, you come back home, log onto Steam, see your games list for 5 seconds, buy a game on sale that you're never going to play and then switch off your PC and go to a bar. While having a drink, you think of the good times when games used to be fun and authentic. But then you tell yourself, the problem isn't the games, its you. "Its not that games aren't fun anymore, you have gotten older".
And then I play Witcher 3. And suddenly I can't wait to get myself home after work. Do you have any idea how precious that feeling is ? The feeling that you are actually immersed in the protagonist' shoes. I find myself in anticipation and excitement for the new adventures that are waiting for me, I think while driving back home...."Where is this story headed ? What new places and characters I will meet ?" And lets not talk about the characters. I thought myself as a guy who's dead on the inside and somehow these characters made me laugh, chuckle and empathise at the same time. I haven't felt these feelings for a game since 2008 when I played games such as Final Fantasy 12, Metal Gear Solid 3. Was I wrong to think that I was the problem and not the gaming industry that's shelling out mediocre AAA games with no memorable characters or storyline ?
And I got this game for 3$. 3$ !! And that includes the DLC ! I honestly feel I looted these amazing devs. And I paid twice for games that are not even worth playing. 23 hours in and I still haven't scratched the surface of the story. The side quests are actually fun. I find myself doing the side quests more because its feels like I am watching another episode of the "Witcher 3 TV show". I love this open world, I actually take my time wandering around and exploring every nook and cranny. I haven't done this since GTA San Andreas. I look at some distant island or mountain that I find interesting and I decide to just walk there just for the fun of it. That's how beautiful this Open World this. This is Open World game done right.
Thank you CD Projekt Red. You guys are a gem. I know its 5 years late and I don't know why it took me 5 years to play this, but better late than never.

Review from Steam

Amazing story, great game play.
Instructions to revert to 1.32
As of 15th December 2022 we have the Next Gen Update, if you are like me and have a low to mid tier PC (my specs are i5 7400, 16gb ram, GTX 1060 3gb) then there is a likely chance that the next gen update won't work for you (or it'll be terrible experience if it does)
Right click the game in Steam Library, click game options, go down to BETAS and click the drop down and choose "classic" to keep the game on version 1.32 which was the most recent and stable release prior to the Next Gen Update.

Review from Steam

I'm an idiot for not playing this earlier, this is actually great : the game

Review from Steam

If you check my game collection and hours played, you'll notice I'm a shooter kind of a guy. That's for games. I really do love a good story in a movie, a book or a series though.
This is one of the only RPGs I have ever played. I got so immersed into the world that at one point I had to decide to stop roaming and stop doing side quests because I was spending too much time on them (they were damn interesting). I followed the main storyline after that.
When I look back at the times when I was playing The Witcher 3, the memories are very colorful and nice. It's a good memory and I already feel nostalgic.

Review from Steam

Wind's howling.

Review from Steam

Its hard to try and summarise a game that has so much depth, because it truly deserves more then just a review for recognition. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has got to be the greatest single player game I've ever experienced.
With so many areas to talk about, I'll first mention about game dialogue. Considering an average novel is between 80,000 and 100,000 words, the script to Witcher 3 accumulates to a 450,000 word goliath. Unbelievable. It required over 950 speaking roles, which reportedly took more than two and a half years to successfully accomplish. What's slightly more incredible then those statistics, is that Witcher 3 makes you feel like you don't want to skip any of it whatsoever, through an amalgamation of whit, thrill, mystery, passion and more. I've never known a game to deliver dialogue so well, but on top of that it's you that gets the choice to control the narrative. You can continue to showcase Geralt as the renowned warrior he is, or you can often show his softer side in certain situations. Another wonderful feat to the game is that co-developer Marcin Iwinski announced that there are 36 possible endings to finish the story - because why not? A truly staggering achievement.
The environment & world to Witcher 3 is out of this world. To put it into perspective, the map is 20% larger than Skyrim. It's also 35 times larger than the map found in Witcher 2. A large map is a good feat on its own, but these stats give CD Projekt Red huge bragging rights. The vast differences in land, regions and towns makes the world so alive and unique, countless and endless ways to enjoy and immerse yourself in a variety of different ways - even just site seeing.
You get to see a lot of the world through the storyline, but stepping away from that and doing side quests & contracts is where you can find yourself in extraordinary circumstances. I can't honestly tell you another game that's genuinely made me want to do everything. Each side quest feels like a mini-storyline, you don't seem to get any that follow a tedious or repetitive nature. On one side of the spectrum you could be fighting the biggest and deadliest creatures that Velen and Skellige have to offer, then on the other side you'll be hunting treasure and solving riddles, balls deep in Nekker swamps.
You'll more then likely reach a few points in the game where you are overburdened with side quests, treasure hunts and contracts. It can sometimes lead to confusion, but the easiest way to clear your Journal is to simply focus and go through each section at a time. I tended to stick to one area and do everything I could before moving on to the next. Obviously due to level restrictions, some of them cannot be completed until Geralt is stronger - which doesn't mean you can't try to do them, it just means that it could be increasingly difficult in doing so. One moment that I will always remember is when I went to fight a Royal Griffin that was 12 levels higher than me. I would spend a long time evading damage and trying to deliver some form of pain, but its almost like the Griffin was laughing at me, all I seemed to do was shave feathers off its back, nothing more. Then in one foul swoop, I'd be dead. Repeat. Dead. Repeat. Dead. ♥♥♥♥. I'm one that embraces difficulty, playing on the hardest setting in this game is fantastic, yet this was a battle that I had to swallow my pride and leave. Go away. Get stronger. Come back, and rip that ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ bird to pieces. This was great, not many times have I been in a situation where a game would allow me to fight a much higher level, you tend to get games match the enemies strength based on your current level. With this said, I actually much preferred Witcher 3's approach, it created some great and memorable fight scenes where I wouldn't necessarily assume victory. Certain areas are swamped with much higher creatures early on, so returning to them 50+ hours later provided a nice feeling of self accomplishment and power.
Now I remember all those years ago, playing cards in a big Saloon in Red Dead Redemption. Poker, Blackjack, maybe a little bit of Five Finger Fillet or Liar's Dice. These were wonderful times. Now I have a new love, playing Gwent. Gwent is a collectable card game that simulates two armies meeting on the battlefield. "Invented by dwarves and perfected over centuries of tavern table play, Gwent is a game of initial simplicity and ultimate depth, something beloved by both road-weary travellers during long nights around the campfire and elegant nobles looking to liven up dragging dinner parties." I have no idea how much time I've spent playing Gwent in this game, all I can say is that 25 hours into this game I was only at a measly level 3. Gwent immediately took my focus as I attempted to gain recognition throughout Velen. It's a continuous side quest in the game, challenging notable opponents and entering tournaments, not only that but also every merchant is up for a game. I fondly remember building a great deck and coming out of a tournament as the winner, only for a local fishmonger to challenge me, and subsequently smash through any built up confidence I had established. There is also a quest to collect them all, so enjoy your time hunting for all 150 cards spread through the factions of Nilfgaard, Northen Realms, Monsters & Scoia'tael.
I've always enjoyed games that heavily involve fighting, particularly when the mechanisms are right. People share mixed reviews about the mechanisms to Witcher 3 combat, some arguing that Geralt feels particularly stiff and robotic when under attack. I think combat can be pretty tricky in Witcher 3 especially for those unfamiliar with the series (me at first) - many different mechanics in play at any one time. Blocking, parrying, signs, pivots, rolls, variant of sword, etc. Practice makes perfect as they say, and it really does capture some superb fights between all that the world has to throw at you. Sit back and enjoy the dismemberment - Geralt doesn't hold off on his capability to carve through people, creatures and monsters like butter.
16 Free DLC packages also accompany this incredible experience - adding even more into a well-packed game. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt had the best launch I've ever seen of a game, not to mention their update structure and responsiveness to people's comments early on. From launch there was new DLC every week, patches to address issues and bugs retaining in-game. Free DLC included new armor sets, the ability to visit a barber, new quests, contracts, animations, alternative looks, and not to forget the new game+ mode. Comfortably groundbreaking in every sense of the word, not to mention the magic of both outstanding DLCs "Hearts of Stone" and "Blood & Wine" which are comfortably worth their price.
It is now 7 years on from when Witcher 3 was released and approximately 6 years from when I first wrote this review. I have been impatiently waiting for the remaster update to hit and today is the day that my dream has come true. It was nice to revisit my original screenshots and archived review, so much so that I thought it would be best to reupload (and tweak ever so slightly).
Thanks once more to CDPR and for all of the enjoyment and dedication you've provided us as customers. It's been, for me, the most complete gaming experience I've ever had the pleasure of being part of. Simply the best.

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