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Witch and Council

■ About the game:
■ 《Witch and Council》 is a card battle game that is harmoniously mixed with Roguelite’s random elements, RPG’s strategy, and an attractive story.
In the game, players will get heroes with different skills, form a party and challenge the adventure to break through the stages.

■ Players will explore the dangerous yet mysterious space full of strange creatures with LULU. Discover a variety of cards and item cards, create a unique card deck to win the battle!
There is a story mode full of fascinating tales, and an infinite tower mode that stimulates a challenging spirit.■ Story:
1. Planet full of Mana particles in the air 《Widy》
《Widy》 has a similar environment to earth, however, due to the vast amount of Mana particles in the air, every creature has an innate ability to use magic.
On this planet, where various tribes and monsters have coexisted, a portal gate opens on day and chaos erupts.

2. The witch who is never satisfied 《LULU》
She is also a well-known troublemaker in the Magic Academy.
She, who is looking to find poawerful magic at all costs, eventually went into the innermost place of the academy. She stepped into the forbidden place.
What makes her become crazy about studying magic? And why did the council try to stop LULU?■ Game Features:
1. Win battles against powerful bosses.
Use your own tactic and card deck to defeat the powerful council members.

2. The boss that surrenders becomes your teammate.
If you win the battle against a council member, they will willingly become your teammate.
Collect bosses that were fearful as enemies but reliable as teammates.
Combine a variety of parties and build your own strategy.

3. Collect a variety of cards.
Each character has its own unique card.
Proceed to the stage and complete your own card deck and strategies.
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