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AboutWinterBringers is an epic 'Hack&Slash 'em up' following your own custom created hero as they appear in a mysterious temporal village with only one way in and out - the Azure Portal. Create your hero from a multitude of race and class combinations such as - Sun Elf Rogue, Fomorian Voidwalker or Goblin Cultist! Then, embark on an adventure of hacking, slashing and looting as you upgrade your hero with powerful weapons and armor on your quest to stop the Pale Knight!

Key Features
  • Create!
    Build a hero from a variety of race and class choices and unlock more options as your progress through the game.
  • Upgrade!
    Slay your enemies and complete quests to level up your character and unlock powerful weapons and armor to equip.
  • Explore!
    Choose your own path as you embark on the ultimate quest to stop the WinterBringers! Plot your course in the campaign and save the Broken World!
  • Unlock!
    Unlock a multitude of armors, weapons, races and classes use in your war against the Pale Knight.
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