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Wiener Wars

indie action Android casual steam achievements pvp multi-player full controller support steam cloud early access online pvp steam leaderboards shared/split screen remote play together shared/split screen pvp stats

After a horrific science accident in a secret world war 2 laboratory, all of humanity is ripped through space time only to be reintroduced as sentient wieners. The war still rages. How will we get out of this mess? Who knows? But we can only figure that out once we’re done killing…

Wiener Wars takes you into a warped universe where you must defeat your enemies.

  • Choose from a large variety of weapons to destroy your opponent.

  • As the time warp continues to rip through spacetime anything could come through for you to use, baseball bat, flamethrower, railgun, spoon? It's completely random.

  • Enjoy a fully orchestral hollywood soundtrack whilst you become victorious over your fellow wieners.

  • If you can't find a weapon you can always result in using your wiener hands to engage in close weiner to wiener combat.

  • Play with your friends online in upto 5 vs 5 multiplayer and 10 in team death match.

  • Use the environment against your enemies, pick up objects or cause events to happen when you interact with special items.
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