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Whispers from Within: Moving On

You are the main character in this Twilight Zone-inspired experience. Tragedy has struck your family, but you must find a way to move on. Can you unlock the memories that are keeping you trapped? Can you free yourself from the past? Can you do what is needed to finally move on?

Moving On is the first episode of the narrative-based gaming experience, Whispers from Within, a psychological, episodic series developed exclusively for virtual reality.


Immerse yourself in this narrative-driven experience featuring environmental interactions and exploration.

Search for items and keys to unlock rooms containing past memories. Reveal text messages from an unknown entity on your in-game smartphone. Assemble the pieces of your past through the messages, key items and characters discovered. Unlock all rooms and memories to free yourself and finally move on.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Experienced on Windows Mixed Reality
You can view my review & gameplay here:
I'm giving this a neutral recommendation. I would describe this as a walking simulator / exploration game. It sort of reminded me of Gone Home ... a poor man's Gone Home. There just isn't much depth here. While the game is narrative driven, the narrative is paper thin.
Really, it's mostly finding keys to unlock doors or finding hidden picture frames to place in a container. I found the core gameplay loop to be tedious and uninspired. A good walking simulator will have simple, but meaningful interactions that make you feel like part of the story. Looking for the hidden keys / picture frames just makes you want to get out ASAP.
The best part of this experience is actually the two mini-episodes playing on the TVs in VR. Warning: one of them only plays half of it and after you advance the game, you can see the second half of the episode. So be careful to watch both halves as they start looping and make you think there isn't more to the story.
This game is running on the Unity Engine. You have full locomotion and snap turning. You have a comfort vignette on by default, so once you start the game, just pause and you can turn it off in the settings (you can't turn it off at the start menu). The game was running at a steady 90 frames per second on my 1060 GTX.
It only costs $5 USD and I got it on sale for $4 USD. I'm not sure it's worth it though. Maybe if you have nostalgia for cheap episodes inspired by the Twilight Zone series I can recommend it for you.
Rate 5/10.I would have preferred to have watched the TV mini-episodes on YouTube. They are the only reason I'm giving this game a neutral recommendation, instead of a negative one.

Review from Steam

Really haunting (and moving) game.
Gameplay itself is pretty punishing (hidden object & endlessly trying doors and drawers), but the atmosphere and enigma of it kept me interested. 40 minutes long.

Review from Steam

If you're an older gamer that liked twilight zone like I did, I suggest this game. The story is haunting.
The mix of VR and the way the story unfolds has stuck with me. I'm a father of two boys so it was hard to shake the experience after playing. Its really not enough to call it a game.
The story is best told through the experience of playing it. Don't spoil the story!

Review from Steam

Doesn't work on index at this point. Looks cool though

Review from Steam

I helped the dev with this game in BETA testing and it came A LONG way. Very proud of the work he did with the input that was given. Helped him to get this game working with the Vive wands. i HIGHLY recommend this game and hope to see MORE of this series from this developer! I did a playthrough on my youtube at

Review from Steam

A little gem alone in its kind for now, if you are a fan of the Twilight Zone or even just like interactive VR stories I would reccomend this title.
It lasts around 30 minutes and you will feel quite on edge all the time thanks to the well made ambiance, up to a point I had to carry around a knife during the experience to feel safer

Review from Steam

This is not a game, but rather a story telling experience that needs to be polished a bit, in my opinion, specally on how its progression works.
NO SPOILERS it but you start in an almost empty house, and are trying to "let go" by searching for items in an empty house. As you advance you have to find keys to unlock doors and move forward.
I didnt quite enjoy the "find hidden key to advance" and only get an audio hint of where it is.
Hitboxes to open and close the drawers and doors is somewhat small, i had to click and click until i found the sweetspot. (This is being worked on by the dev)
Aside from this issues, the story is well told, but imo the pace is ruined if you take too long to find the next key to advance the story... which is why i didnt enjoy the way the mechanics work.
But still, the main thing, the story was, pretty jarring, and emotional, and i... well i didnt like it because its sad, but its not bad you know??? Thats why i think its worth the Positive recommendation.
Performance was All right with a gtx1080.
Index controllers dont work at the moment, but this is being worked on too.
I finished it in ~40min, but im sure it could/should be completed in way less, maybe ~20-30min