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Wayward Souls

PC Steam action indie adventure rpg iOS Android Google Play 2d pixel rogue-like
Wayward Souls is a randomly generated action-RPG with a heavy focus on story. Play as seven different heroes, all with their own abilities and playstyles. Fight through steadily greater hordes of enemies, as you learn about each character and find out what happened in the cursed tower you find yourself in. Greatly inspired by 90's era action-RPG's, but with a faster pace and a focus on randomized replay value. Customize each character with their own upgrades and equipment sets that change their movesets and abilities. Over 100 different monster types. Over 300 hats (IMPORTANT) Unique story events for every playable character. Many different areas, room types, rare rooms, encounters, and secrets. Unlockable game modes, including Endless Mode. Heavy replay value due to randomly generated levels, multiple character types, and randomized enemy groups.
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