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This game “portrays discrimination and civil war in the context of a shonen manga-like story”.

The Story

The story is a combination of “mythology” and “violence” with cute illustrations.

The story is about discrimination against a race of people called “were-humans” because they have the characteristics of beasts, and the violence, poverty, terrorism, and civil wars that result.

 The film depicts the violence, poverty, terrorism, political corruption, murder, and myths that arise from the discrimination against a race of people called “subhuman” because of their beastly characteristics.

They are forced to make “cruel choices” in order to protect their fellow human beings.

 Instead of saving their friends, innocent aliens will die.

Survive this era with kind-hearted characters.

The System

You can choose the gender of the main character.

You can choose the gender of the main character, and you can “romance” with characters you become friends with in the story.

Romance is also possible with characters of the same gender.

Some characters react differently depending on the gender of the main character.


Many characters with cute 2D graphics are implemented.

The characters with beastly features move in realistic animated 2D models

Many beautiful and crazy effects and motions are implemented.

Combat, adventure, and story unfold on a colorful 2.5D map


Combat is carried out using the “BP system.

  As long as there is BP, anyone can attack as many times as they want in one turn.

Use the beautiful “Special Moves” created by SPRITESTUDIO to defeat your opponent.

 Let’s defeat your opponent with beautiful “Special Moves” created by SPRITESTUDIO.

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