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Void’s Blight

The void itself is trying to destroy what little life is left in the world. As the sole survivor of the void’s blight, the only way that you can put a stop to it is by attempting to break the crystals that hold all the void’s energy.

Jump, crouch, slide, and wall run your way through the 3 towers while avoiding dangerous obstacles and terrifying enemies. As you progress through the void’s blight, however, be warned that the enemies may become fiercer and the platforms sparser.

Do you have what it takes to rid the world of the “Void’s Blight?”


3 Enemies
3 Main Levels
3 Transition Levels
3 Secret Levels
Easy to learn but hard to master movement
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Way too hard piece of shit game that you should buy because the graphics are truly unique. The allround wonderful presentation and atmosphere kinda make up for a game that boils down to precision platforming using a character that accelerates faster than Usain Bolt mixed with time pressure to make sure you mess up those clutch jumps.
In my hour of playtime (first 20 min was trying different controllers to find one that worked) I did not beat the first level, but I did get some checkpoints. So what makes this game a true ragegame is that after a checkpoint the first half is usually there to teach you some mechanic and after that a second half that is difficult. After being stuck for a while the first half feels like it is just there to waste your time. This made me try to do the easy part really fast, and this made me fail even more, and that's why I did not get very far before I gave up. Now you might be thinking it is all my fault for playing a first person platformer (do people use the term "fpp"?) with a controller instead of a mouse, but what can I say I'm a casual gamer and if I can't play from my couch I don't play at all - my desk is for work not for play. Also wallrunning is completely broken and I have only been able to find one single instance where it worked; the place that was there to teach wallrunning, every other wall I tried I just died. Also jumping feels weird to me and momentum even weirder.
It's a shame this game's difficulty does not respect your time because the presentation is just so cool. The first 30 or so seconds of gameplay are easily in my top 10 best openings of a game. But then the actual game that comes with the engine is just not that fun (for me at least). So developer, if you read this: keep up the good work in the arts department and check out games like NEAVE for inspiration on how to make a less painfull fpp experience.
I rate this game 2 euros.