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Void Slayer

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About the Game

Void Slayer is a unique arena shooter where each hit taken will claim some of your fighting space. Avoid it with the help of double jump and dash. Dispose of your enemies by using two different attacks - one for each hand. Keep your eye on nightmarish obelisk structures - they serve as passageway for your foes. Destroying them will not only close the portal, but also reward you with powerful gems which will upgrade your attacks. Survive as long as you can and compare your scores with other players - find out, who is the true Void Slayer

Nameless Gods stripped you of your mortality. Your unyielding soul was cast into the void, and only thanks to your immense will, you suspended yourself above it. But the fight has only begun. Hordes of misshapen creatures will try to knock you down into the mindless abyss. How long will you survive?

  • Powerful magic gloves empowered with every crystal you break

  • Agile and Swift movement : double jump, dash & teleporting to runes! Bunny hopping that rewards skillful players

  • Leaderboard : Compare your score with your friends or Players around the globe

  • Several types of enemies with unique behavioral patterns

  • Destroyable environment

  • Flares that will throw some light on dark n cold environment

Developers of Madmind Studio present you the game where Arena is your Health. Battle. Survive, don’t Fall!

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Void Slayer is a futuristic arena shooter with a unique core twist: you can't die directly, but taking damage destroys the floor of the arena, causing you to eventually fall to your doom if you fail to maintain order.
Very little is explained to you during play, and there's no form of tutorial. However, the mechanics are discovered quite naturally by the player via sheer experimentation - I would recommend enabling damage numbers in the settings to further assist with this. To briefly summarize: getting hit causes floor tiles to disintegrate, filling the fountain in the center of the arena allows you to restore damaged tiles, and destroying the ominous towers that spawn in the arena gives you a massive point bonus per tower.
Now, I'm an arena shooter fan, but I generally don't feel like game designers take many liberties with the core mechanics in this genre. That said, I'm confident stating that the use of player-damage-to-arena-size mechanic here is both fresh and fun.
It all just feels good: movement is smooth and responsive, both player attacks feel powerful and well-balanced, and the overall aesthetic and environment are novel and inspiring.
I actually think the core mechanic here opens up a lot of opportunity for unique gameplay - I'd love to see some additional arena types, since portions of the arena becoming usable/unusable periodically could add a lot of variety to each arena. Imagine one with tall vertical staircases or pillars, allowing you more methods of escaping your foes. Take too much damage and an essential escape route suddenly disappears, hastening your demise.
Additionally, I'm not sure if the omission of music is a design decision or not, but it'd be nice to hear some. Add some additional UI polish, maybe some exposition/narrative of some sort, and there could be a great game here, post-Early Access.
At the current price, worth your time, if you're a fan of the genre. And try to beat my leaderboard score - I'm in the top 10!
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Review from Steam

It's a decent fun chaotic game to kill some time, but it sorely needs more content.
Full in-depth review, plus, I included a tutorial on how to play because this game barely explains anything.

Review from Steam

devil daggers but im fourth worldwide