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Victor Vran

Victor Vran is an isometric Action-RPG with a massive selection of weapons, items, outfits, demon powers and destiny cards. Experience intense combat action with dozens of enemies attacking you from all sides and unleash powerful skills to finish them off! Victor Vran lets you decide how to play the game. Forge your own personal version of Victor thanks to a vast array of powerful weapons, game-changing outfits, wicked demon powers and destiny cards. Use special moves, combine skills and weapons to wipe out hordes of hideous beasts and clever boss monsters. Slaying demons doesn’t have to be a lonely affair – team up with friends online and explore the story of the dark world together in a full co-op experience. Local co-op is also available.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

It's like Diablo with guns, and not published by the cesspool that is Activision Blizzard.

Review from Steam

Mixed. Mostly enjoyable but starts to feel grindy toward the end. It was not fun enough trying to level up (or transmute weapons so they would be better) as I continued.
Additional Details

Operating System
Ubuntu Linux 16.04 x64

Ryzen 5 1500x

GTX 1050

Last played
June, 2018

Many DLC achievements

Technical Notes
No problems

Review from Steam

I recommend this game as I have enjoyed it very much.
I have played Victor Vran extensively with my younger brother, as well as casually with both my younger children, bravely hunting down the undead horrors that haunt the cursed city and storming its monster-infested quarters for abandoned treasure, all the while keeping its beautiful queen safe; Victor Vran is a swashbuckling adventure of swordplay, gunslinging and tarot cards.
I am Ambrax, an old biker.

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Review from Steam

This works beautifully on Xubuntu 20.04, with a Nvidia GTX 1060 and the 495 proprietary driver.
I'm playing it co-op with my little son and daughter - it's good that it's not too scary. I also like that the character builds are 100% customisable. If you want to change load-out halfway through a game it can be done by just swapping items. Personally - and this is only based on a 20-30 maps - I feel it is a slightly weaker game than either Diablo 2 or Path of Exile - since the monsters' difficulty comes from their DPS more than their aggression or the pressure from constant waves, However, those games aren't humorous or as suitable for younger age groups as this is.

Review from Steam

Nice game! Runs well on Linux.

Review from Steam

Hello friends,
Today i will review the game VICTOR VRAN. This game is a ARPG, which means it is a action rpg. Similiar to a diablo type game, but if you never played diablo games, it is basically you go to enemy and press button on your controller to swing your sword and fight them. This game also contains mutliple dlc's that i recommend getting also for the game, but it depends on how you like the base game. This game also features boss fights, secret area's on each map, objectives on each map to do for challenges, and colored coded weapons that indicate the rareness of the weapons and items. Note that there is not much armor in this game, and there are only a few pieces to be found. Most of the things found in this game are weapons and demon powers. You can also weld a power called demon power that is like a special move once you get the correct items to activate them. Also, you can transmutate items and weapons to strengthem then and make them more powerful. This game may require you to farm enemies to get good drops, and depending on what level of difficulty you play at, the drops will be more often the harder the game is. This game also features mutliplayer, whether this be over the internet, remote play together, or local co-op. I have not really tested the online functionality, but i did join a random person's game but they kicked me out of it immedietly. You can also increase difficulty with these things called HEXAS that make the game super hard.
A great functional ARPG. I recommend it, especially if you get all the dlc's that go with it.