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Unicorn and Sweets 2

Unicorn and Sweets 2 is a match 3 category game made in combined 2D and 3D graphics.
You find yourself in a unique sugar kingdom, where everything consists of various sweets and unicorns live. Your task is to help the unicorn named Uni collect the required amount of different candies in his bag. To do this, you need to find the largest associations and click on them, but do not forget that a limited number of moves are given to complete the level. If you don't meet them, you lose and you can try again.
Enjoy an unusual sweet world, complete levels accompanied by fun music and collect all the candies! Good luck!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I can't even be mad at this game. Full disclosure: I got it on sale for .99 cents USD, and it's worth about that as a novelty item. What you see is what you get. Only, there really are no rules. Hit whatever you want, you'll still get points. There aren't even limits on your moves. Just limits of one, three, and five minutes.
There are no volume controls that I could find. But you can pause, go to main menu and restart a level. Honestly could use a mode to let you just play however long you like. And I'm pretty sure I'm the target demographic of loving these types of games, but disliking FB and those Windows games that bomb you with ads.
If your or the little ones like unicorns or the music in the trailer, grab it on sale for .99 cents.
To the dev: adding in even one background and letting it unlock at a set number of points would be fun. I imagine there are free background assets you could use to cobble together a story to keep players engaged. It's a really great start, but don't be afraid to give it some TLC and more depth.

Review from Steam

A simple game with a familiar concept to all of us. Decorated using various sweets. Perfect for kids. It would be cool to see the presence of in-game achievements.

Review from Steam

A good game made in 2D style and also combined with 3D graphics
The peculiarity of this game is that you have a limited number of moves, so you have to think before each move, and this develops logic