Underground escape 地底逃生

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“Underground escape” game is a first person puzzle escape game. The game fully shows the immersive characteristics of VR. The game has been carefully optimized to make your experience ore smooth and realistic. Both players and novices can comfortably enjoy the fun of this game.

The story takes place in the depths of the earth. You are an explorer and fall into the abyss during an exploration. This is a place forgotten by mankind. You need to find an exit and get out of the ground. The game seems simple. The design of each level is exquisite and can’t be missed. Use your brain to solve all the puzzles and escape successfully!

The operation features of this game can support a variety of movement modes, support players to move the position with W, s, a and D keys on the keyboard, or move the position with the side grip button of VR handle, and support players to move the position with VR treadmill. For detailed operation, please refer to the game manual.

The biggest highlight of this game is that players can edit maps and create new levels. We provide players with game models. Players give full play to their imagination and design new levels. Come and experience the fun of designing game levels in VR!

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