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Unblock: The Parking

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About the GameIn this game you have to find your way through the ranks of cars that were parked not the most successful way. Huge trucks and simple passenger cars block your way while you need to leave urgently on business. And no one can understand this mess except you. The number of moves is strictly limited, so think carefully before you move the next car!

[h1]Game features:[/h1]
  • Interesting Puzzle
  • Improves logical thinking
  • Nice graphics
  • Many Steam achievements
  • Suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux

Perhaps everyone once faced with a situation where the car was sandwiched between other vehicles and now the departure is completely impossible. Now everything is in your hands! You can move absolutely any car in the Parking lot and clear the way! However, it is not as easy as it seems at first glance, because sometimes it is not clear how these machines were able to be in such a position, and even more so how to put in order all this chaos. Nevertheless, there is always a way out, and you are sure to find it. After playing this game you can easily cope with any, even the most difficult and confusing situation in the Parking lot. The game develops thinking and is suitable even for children, thanks to its simple controls.

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I have changed my review to a thumbs up on this game as the developer was very quick to fix the issues I had with it. The problems were:
1. On Level 82 I could not progress further because of a graphics bug.
2. On level 63 the car graphics did not fit inside the parking lot
3. The trophies for "completing all levels" and "getting 3 stars on all levels" did not unlock.
The developer responded within hours to my issue and fixed every one of them! He even fixed the stars being mis-aligned on the level select screen after seeing my screenshot.
I paid 66 cents for this game and got about 1 and 1/2 hours of enjoyment out of it. There are 100 levels of increasing difficulty. You have to get your car out of the parking lot by moving the other cars around in a limited number of moves. Some of the puzzles were quite tricky and took me a few tries to get 3 stars on. I really enjoyed myself and will probably go back and play it again in the future.
Thanks for a fun time!

Review from Steam

Puzzle game about getting a car out of parking hell.
In Unblock you have to muscle cars out of your way in the lowest amount of moves, only moving them in a straight line. Simple enough.
Puzzles gain some complexity along the way but since the parking lot does not change in size nor does the game introduce any new special mechanics, the puzzles eventually climax in difficulty and become repetitive.
Controlled with mouse, dragging the cars is a bit clumsy, and sometimes the car would accidentally drop early, forcing the perfectionist in me to restart the level. An undo key would be a great quality-of-life addition. There's also a bug that sometimes a move wasn't counted.
Beside the theme there's no story. A forgettable tune keeps you company unless you'd rather mute it in the menu.
Quickly completed
There are 100 levels. For me, those took about 1.5 hours to complete, and it's just long enough to be decent. I did enjoy pondering through them but would have wished more complexity to make it more interesting.
Achievements are slightly bugged though all unlock: I got "get 300 stars", "completing all levels" and "complete all levels with 3 stars" earlier than intended, probably because the game simply adds the number of levels completed and stars gained in a global variable instead of properly checking the claimed condition.
Also, one level (level 48) seemed impossible to 3-star, though I might be mistaken.
It costs less than €1 and I even got it for 50% off. It was a decent, albeit a tad unwholesome, evening brain snack.
~Twistorian Curator~

Review from Steam

Unblock: The Parking is a simple puzzle game and a great time killer. Get it on sale

Review from Steam

This game is cool but so many bugs. ( i have finshed the game and 3 stars at all levels ) but the level "76" are so hard almost impossible, the developeur can tcheck this level please ! With this bug i accomplished the level "76"

Review from Steam

You can play any game like this for free in your phone or any webpage yet you decided to buy it on Steam

Review from Steam

Cool game. I bought it while it was on sale and in my opinion it was worth.