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Ultrawings is an open-world, aerial-themed game where you'll pilot an Ultralight, Gee Racer, Rocket-powered Glider and Sport Plane to complete a variety of challenges across a beautifully-stylised, island-themed world. You'll pop balloons, perform spot landings, take photos, compete in thrilling air races, and more! Earn in-game money to unlock new airports and new aircraft.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Super fun, relaxing casual flying game. I played with an Index, using a PS5 controller. I like it a lot.

Review from Steam

This game is one of those simulators where you can relax (during free-flight) and enjoy the surroundings. While very cartoonish, the game is still pretty good looking. Some of the missions you will go through can get intense due to their time-limits and thus the "relax" is sometimes not there.