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UFO vs Bikini

Aliens drove their spacecraft to the earth and began to study the earth. The alien world uses three materials to build: biological materials, mineral materials, and mechanical materials. The spacecraft relies on the emitted light to inhale any material, and uses the ship’s furnace to decompose the items into these three materials, which are used to upgrade the spacecraft.

In the process, the aliens caught some women wearing bikinis on the beach and discovered that they could extract the fourth material, purple energy. The aliens began to study these energy sources and gradually discovered their functions.Features:
  • You play the alien.
  • To extract purple energy from bikini girls and do something to them.
  • To research purple energy and find its function.
  • To collect materials to upgrade the spaceship
  • Don't be caught.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

A very unusual game with an original idea. We have to play the role of a UFO, which collects resources on earth, and in very strange proportions and for incomprehensible purposes. The game itself is not difficult and is perfect for a weekend.

Review from Steam

The game evokes nostalgia. Something reminded me of the browser games of the 2000s.

Review from Steam

Honestly, I expected it to be more interesting, but not a bad for an indie