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Tower Keepers

Train an epic army of heroes and defend your tower against all enemies. Embark on more than 75 unique missions against 70+ monster types, each with their own special attacks. Loot your foes, discover hidden treasure chests, and complete quests to unlock new skills, weapons, and armor for each hero. Enchant your items or craft new ones to maximize your power, then enter Hero Battles and pit your best team of heroes against other players in real-time head to head play.

Play Tower Keepers now for the best free strategy RPG available!


* Ranger, Necromancer, Samurai, Druid - 30 Heroes from which to build the most effective 4 hero teams possible

* Amazing Soul Skill powers - you choose when to trigger awesome abilities like Meteor Swarm, Soul Rend, or Perfect Strike

* 9 unique skills per hero, all upgradeable

* 7 stars of hero progression to maximize their stats and Soul Skills


* 70+ unique monsters with their own animations, stats, resistances, and special abilities

* Brutal bosses that will test your hero team building skills


* Choose your best heroes, equip their best gear, and fight head to head with other players

* Perfect your team building and real-time skills to ensure victory!

* Compete for the glory of your Guild and win powerful weapons and armor only found in PvP


* 126 weapon and armor items to find, craft, and enchant to make your heroes unstoppable

* Launch asynchronous PvP attacks against other players' towers to win the weekly leaderboards

* Win Catacomb and Wizard Tower challenges for huge rewards

Go build your heroes, customize your teams, and enjoy the epic fun in Tower Keepers!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

There is really many games just like this out there but this is certainly one of the best of its kind.
Team setups actually matter alot + you can use 1 skill per hero and choose which enemy you attack.
+ Wide hero skill management
+ Decent crafting
+ Energy refills to max in less than 2 hours and 5 daily quests gives you another refill. Usually it goes much over the cap, as we speak 1300/665
+ Lot of daily content and events are running 24/7
+++ Plenty of active guilds. Guilds can contribute marks to certain items and you can get alot of loot from active players just by being in same guild.
+ Not p2w unless you wanna be in top tier. I got only this monthly gem pack ( 5e or so ) rolling and im winning around 6/8 of my attacks on enemy players towers.
+ Best heros easy to unlock with common currency (gold). Just save 100k, after unlocking you can get those hero upgrading shards easily just by doing daily stuff.
I cant think of anything bad about this game but im gonna write it up here if something pops up.

Review from Steam

Misunderstood by new players. Yes, you can "speed up" the starring of your epic heroes with money. However, there are equalizing heroes at the common and uncommon range that level the playing field with strategy and knowledge of the game. New players just get pounded in because they can't be bothered to figure it out. Knowing which common and uncommon heroes to invest in as a f2p player (buying stones up to 5k gold on the shop every day) in conjunction with knowing which SuperRare/Epic heroes you want to funnel stones into (tower/missions-never waste on a common/uncommon hero even if they are preferred) is what makes a player. Is it possible for somoene to spend thousands of dollars to star up a tough epic hero? Absolutely. We called those guys a "JimRen" when I was dinging up as a f2p having to vs him. He was the iconic p2w and he never did any pve content, leveling as slowly as possible by beating up on f2p players in pvp and nothing else. One of the best moments in the game for me was when I used 4-5* common heroes in the 46~ range to beat his 7* epic and SR heroes. Literal thousands of dollars spent, defeated by some game knowledge and strategy. Don't whine about p2w when you don't understand the game.

Review from Steam

I've played the game for quite a while now and it is most definitely NOT pay to win. Yes, you can spend money, but all that does is speed up your progression slightly if you're impatient. The devs have recently added more content to the game, so it's well worth a look.

Review from Steam

Fairly addictive, less mindless than it seems. "Food" system limits your playtime unless you want to spend/buy premium currency.

Review from Steam

its a good game to get

Review from Steam

Fun Time Killer

Review from Steam

super nice free to play pc game! I realy like it! you can play it!