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Tobari 2: Dream Ocean

Tobari is back in the latest action platformer from indie developer, desunoya. Use that staff and smack around your enemies for their magic as you traverse the Dream Ocean. Seek out the mysterious voice that calls to you from beyond the sea as you journey with Tobari into this unknown new world.Story

After her last adventure, Tobari finds herself at the beach but she isn't there to catch a few rays. A mysterious voice calls out to Tobari, asking for her help. With nothing else to go by, Tobari journeys to the sea to help this mysterious person. Her journey won't be easy as she'll be challenged by the denizens of the sea who aren't keen to let a surface dweller pass so easily. But what are the sea dwellers trying to accomplish? And who is it that calls out to Tobari?Features

  • Classic platformer action from Desunoya!

  • Over 30 types of magic at your disposal

  • Over 48 stages and 6 worlds to explore

  • Game too challenging? Play in Enjoy Mode and never worry about another pitfall again!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

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The Tobari series is a blend of classic platforming tropes. Specifically, Tobari's spell-stealing mechanic is very similar to Kibry's, although she only gets one ability per spell she acquires, unlike more modern Kirby games. Beyond that, most of the level design philosophy comes from SNES Mario games. There are three collectable star fragments per stage, and many stages have hidden extra exits that lead to bonus stages. Finally, the bosses feel like a blend of Megaman and Touhou, of all things, with later bosses firing off downright bullet hell spreads of bullets.
Difficulty starts off extremely forgiving, even below the difficulty of New Super Mario Bros games world 1s, but by the end, especially in the bonus world you can only access by collecting all the star fragments, it gets up to Kaizo Mario/Mario Maker troll levels of difficulty.
Tobari 2 also has a clock and death counter with the final screen giving you your playtime, death count, and coins collected/spent for if you want to do challenge or speedruns. There are achievements specifically for doing things like 100% speedruns in less than three hours. (The game took me 20 hours to 100% the first time through, but there's a lot of trial-and-error, especially to find the collectable star fragments.) Likewise, try to beat the game dying less than 10 times or without spending any coins in the shops.
Tobari 2 is a fairly simple game, but it's a great entry to the genre and it's fairly inexpensive even when not on sale, so if you're a fan of classic platformers like the ones Tobari is clearly cribbing notes from, you'll definitely enjoy it.

Review from Steam

Mario meets Kirby meets Anime Girls in the obligatory beach episode.
The controls are a little tighter than the first game, and the difficulty is more even. It's not as kaizo as the average Desunoya game (until postgame), so you shouldn't worry about not being able to finish it.
Recommended for fans of 2D platformers.

Review from Steam

Action side-scrolling and puzzle game much like Super Mario. Enemies will occasionally drop spells if you hit them with your staff, these come in a wide variety of effects, invariably they are essential in collecting all the optional stars in a level. If you aren't interested in the collectables, the game offers moderate difficulty, which can be lowered. The actual challenge in the game comes from obtaining all the collectables and the secret levels. So, if you are wanting a significant challenge in all aspects of the game, you may come off disappointed. The main boss battles and standard levels aren’t particularly difficult going for a straight run. If you enjoyed Tobari and the Night of the Curious Moon than this is your game.
In terms of improvements over its predecessor, it isn't a particularly different game. Offering some new spells and options, as well as noticeably more detailed, cleaner, and higher resolution graphics. If you enjoy sinking your teeth into a puzzle side-scroller for a lazy afternoon (or evening), there is a reasonable offer right here. The only real detraction is that the story is fluff, slightly better understood if you played the first, but ultimately forgettable. If you need a good story to drive you forward, this is not your game. Also, the mechanic whereby the only way to get spells is to hit the enemy with your staff can be annoying. Accidently stomp on an enemy or hit it with a stray spell and it’s time to restart the level (again though this is only applicable if you are collecting everything, so casually playing this isn’t a complaint).

Review from Steam

I played the game in Japanese some time ago. A very well made platformer with lots of fun powers, interesting level design, and collectibles. Improves on the feel of the original, and the optional world isn't nearly as frustrating as the one from the original game.

Review from Steam

A fun platformer with some puzzle elements. If you played the first one and liked it, you'll enjoy this one too.

Review from Steam

Definitely easier than the first one, though the post-story challenge levels are still tricky for those that like it difficult. Each level has 3 star fragments to collect instead of the one moon shard in the first Tobari, which offers a bit more variety and less grinding in one spot. Features an updated outfit for the hero, new magic types and a fun beach/sea theme. Otherwise, its fairly similar to the original, both of which are fun little platformers.

Review from Steam

this game is good for chilling.
old school type, 2d, cute girls.
Tobari alone is worth to buy