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To Kill A King

Enter Rots….a foul-mouthed, short-tempered, and belligerent undead warrior "erected" to serve the Ignoble King completing his mundane tasks and honoring his frustrating requests.

30+ hours of JRPG style game play.

Grind your way to restore Rots' lost power and seek revenge against the Ignoble King.

Battle it out in frustration with 103 enemies and monsters determined to stop Rots for their own selfish gain and glory.

Venture forth in a world full of tedious locations and watch as Rots' temper flares! Need we say the "Caves of Frustration!"

Save early and save often! You never know when the enemy will take advantage of Rots' anger and frustration!

Full controller support!

Improved resolution and full screen up to 1280x720!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

To Kill A King has a classic feel, and a fresh dose of aggression said classics don't really let you express. I've played a number of older games where the heroes are only too happy to go along with whatever is asked of them without a hint of frustration. Add to that the grinding that is always sure to make a person (i.e. me) very frustrated. Rots definitely gets that anger across, the game also has a lot of mechanical call backs to older games that I feel like people who like grinds will call back to.