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Time Knight Adventures

The last Time Knight is looking for Time Spheres, technology that allows the user to travel through space and time. The Time Spheres got lost during the great Calamity, the same catastrophe that destroyed the planet of the Time Knights. Should the Time Spheres fall into the wrong hands, the results could be catastrophic. One can only imagine what a madman could do with a device that can travel through space and time. Or a politician.

Time Knight Adventures is a retro platformer - a single screen adventure game featuring non-linear stages to explore. A ticking clock keeps you moving, for when time runs out, the Time Knight will take damage. You have to explore each location to find time and health upgrades, hidden secrets and keys. Each Time Sphere is protected by a fierce monster.
The game branches out into different stages, depending on how much you explore.Features:
  • Modernized Retro artstyle
  • Large, explorable stages
  • Grow stronger with mandatory and optional upgrades
  • Multiple exits and branching paths
  • A ticking clock keeps you moving
  • Non-linear story progression
  • Modernized chiptune soundtrack

Controller Information:
This game is compatible with a wide range of gamepads. However, due to limitations with the engine, some controllers may not work properly. There is, unfortunately, nothing I can do about that. Should you have any trouble with your gamepad, maybe try another gamepad or use the keyboard. I apologize for the inconvenience.
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