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The Way

Journey to another planet and discover its secrets in order to bring your loved one back to life. Experience an adventure, inspired by old school classics like Another World (A.K.A. Out of This World), Heart of Darkness and Flashback. The Way tells a story about a member of space explorers team, who lost his beloved one and cannot accept her death. Finding ancient writings on eternal existence during one of his last expeditions makes him come back there in search of the meaning of life itself. He will soon know that the planet has its own secrets and problems that he will need to face in order to get what he is looking for. Game Features: Immersing sci-fi story Mind-bending puzzles Unique alien planet to explore Retro style rich with animations Inspired by Éric Chahi's masterpieces
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Playing status: 100% achievement, finished the game
Grindy Achievement(s): No.
Optional Achievement(s): Yes (16 achievements).
Difficult Achievement(s): No.
The Way is a puzzle game with some platforming elements in it. It tells a story about a man that lost his wife, seeking a secret place that holds the secret to immortality. Puzzles are made in such a way to utilize your unique powerups and vary in difficulty.
- A lot of puzzles in various difficulty
- Nice-looking backgrounds with the detailed pixel art
- Some puzzles can be tricky to solve
- A lot of checkpoints
- No hints whenever you are stuck
- It's easy to die because of fall damage
- Alt-tabbing issues
Intel Core i5-9300H 2.40GHz, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
Should you buy this game?
If you like puzzle games and don't mind the annoying platformer sections, buy this game.
In-Depth Review
Pixel arts were done beautifully in every scene. There are various areas that you will traverse as you progress, each having at least one breathtaking landscape for you to see. The cutscenes are also smooth and detailed, giving you a closer look at the characters to give some subtle message in it. I liked the presentations that were shown in the game - everything looks good enough for me to continue playing.
The story touched on the topic of losing someone. It's not a story-heavy game - most dialogues are brief and don't focus on this topic, but you can see the main characters' emotions through the cutscenes. If you are the emotional type, you might be caught by the subtle emotions from them. However, since there isn't much that we can infer from the story, I didn't feel much about the deceased. The two endings that were given at the end of the game give a nice conclusion to the story, but I just didn't feel much after seeing both.
The Game
Puzzles are what you'll encounter most of the time in the game. It will start with easy puzzles that you can solve in mere seconds in the beginning, with an increase in difficulty as you receive more powerups. These powerups will give you a unique ability that can be used to traverse the area easier, whether it's a shield to deflect enemies' attacks or a teleporting ability to avoid any fast-moving obstacles. All powerups will be required to solve the puzzles until the end of the game.
The game has other things besides puzzles though. It also offers other genres, with platformer being the second most apparent one. There is a bit of action where you can shoot enemies, stealth, runner, and lastly, bullet hell. Most of them only show up once throughout your playthrough and won't give you much trouble.
The game doesn't give any instructions on how the puzzle works. You're bound to guess what the game needs based on the available clues. This becomes a problem when the game only presents you with a screen that contains a puzzle to solve. There were times when I didn't get what the game wants even though I know how to solve it if I get the right instructions.
Some puzzles also require you to memorize a lot of things manually. Some screenshots are needed for those who have a bad memory, but sadly, the game doesn't react well to alt-tabbing. There was one occasion when I couldn't alt-tab back to the game and another when the game closed by itself. I ended up avoiding alt-tabbing together and used my phone to take a picture manually.
Despite the mentioned issues, puzzles are unique and clever enough to solve. Some puzzles require you to think outside the box, using your powerups to clear them. I got stuck a lot of times because I didn't account for them in the picture. Puzzles might look simple at first, but you'll end up seeing that you can't solve them without using the powerups.
The game has annoying platforming sections. It doesn't follow the usual platforming mechanics, namely the ability to change your jumping direction after jumping and some extra leeway to jump close to the edge. You won't be able to move far if you move your character after jumping, and dashing before jumping sometimes won't work if you jump too closely towards the edge. Moreover, you also need to walk slowly before dropping to the lower ground if you want to stick closer to the jumping spot. This gave me some problems whenever I tried to traverse the platforming sections sometimes.
You'll die a lot from fall damage. Jumping down from a high altitude will kill your character, and the platformer sections were designed in such a way that you'll die a lot from it. A lot of it will require you to jump between small platforms, giving you trouble with the annoying platforming mechanic. It wasn't fun to clear these sections.
Length and Difficulty
I finished the game in 7.1h. Despite having two endings, one playthrough is all that you need to see both endings. The game will autosave right before the ending, allowing you to choose the other option once you see the first one.
The game can be challenging sometimes, especially in the latter half of the game. You'll encounter a lot of puzzles that might not make sense or difficult enough to solve if you are not aware of your powerups. Some platforming sections might give you trouble, but the game offers a lot of checkpoints in the harder spots. Moreover, there is almost no delay between dying and restarting, so you don't have to worry about wasting time on it.
The Way is a nice puzzle game that is hindered by its vagueness. Those who are clever enough to figure out how to solve the puzzles might enjoy it, while those who don't will get annoyed with it. The game also comes with some annoying platformer sections that can screw you up with its fall damage. Despite the negatives, I still enjoyed playing the game. Puzzles are unique and the visuals are great enough to keep you entertained. If you like to play puzzle games with great-looking visuals and don't mind the annoying platformer sections, I suggest you to buy this game.
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Review from Steam

Really great game, especially if you emjoy puzzle/puzzle platformer games. Pixel art is really nice. Story is there and does make you want to keep playing to find out more. Keep up the good work Devs. I'd highly recommend this game. Thumbs up from myelf!

Review from Steam

It's all good and well to make a homage to another world. I mean who doesn't love it... but I wished that homage wasn't only about guns with shield generators and the famous "beast is coming, run for your life" scene (which they used not once, but twice). another world had much better things to offer...
first off, character animations are low-frame and chunky. i mean, didn't jordan mechner solved this problem like 25 years ago? both another world and flashback utilized that fluid animation technique which was quintessential both for the visual style and for game play. which leads to a second problem: chunky controls... when you require precision platforming, you've got to provide precision controls. this issue takes away a lot of the fun and visual drama...
well, at least it has a lot of save points (which another world lacked and made me want to eat my face). the plot is good. albeit a classic love story, it has a nice twist. puzzles are also "mostly" fun and logical.
i recommend this game, although i am sad that it just could be so much more... anyways, buy it while it's on sale.

Review from Steam

Great atmosphere, both the world visuals and the sound design. Not as cinematic as Another World, like your character movement isn't smooth, but the world design makes up for it in other ways. I love the flavor text that pops up when you walk by things.
The puzzles and challenges are serviceable, but I don't recall a single puzzle that made me feel clever, and there were a lot of puzzles/challenges where I knew what I needed to do but then I had to tediously retry 20 times to get it.
tl;dr great atmosphere; mediocre puzzles

Review from Steam

Buy it on a sale, normal price is a bit high for the content.
Again I'm missing the neutral verdict option, that's what would fit this game best. It's not bad, but it has some flaws that detract from the experience:
- Platforming mechanics are a bit clunky, takes some getting used to. It's mostly fluid, but when that clunkiness shows itself, it REALLY shows itself, and gets annoying fast. Movement is "free", not grid-based, à-la PoP / Flashback / AW, and I personally just prefer the latter.
- Graphics are very nicely drawn, but animation framerate/fluidity is a bit all over the place. And just another personal opinion, but Flashback looked better, or at least the style is more consistent. I think the grid based layout goes better with pixel graphics, the free/fluid movement mixed with pixel graphics creates a kind of disconnect... it's hard to put into words, but it's weird.
- Most puzzles are clever, but there's still a lot that are just more of what you've already seen in other puzzle games, and there are some sections that are straight up out-of-place.
- The story draws you in in the beginning, creates a sinister atmosphere in contrast to the vivid visuals, and makes you really curious. But by the end it gets a bit run-of-the-mill, if you've seen and read enough sci-fi (not even a LOT).
- Sound and music is excellent. Fits the mood everywhere.
My final verdict is Yes, but barely. Overall, I had fun. But again, I'd advise to buy it on a sale. It was 11 hours for me, and there's very limited replayability. (Basically just revisiting that atmosphere.)
Also, what's with all the references to other games, especially old SCUMM?