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The Long Gate

Mysterious worlds exist, but not everyone is ready to access them. Today you need to take on the role of the protagonist, which will require a clear understanding of the matter and the ability to properly use any of your opportunities in order to achieve success. He will travel to strange and alluring worlds in which there are not only amazing natural phenomena, but also technologies, and even an additional reality. The purpose of this adventure is for the main character to try to uncover the secrets of these worlds and the essence of their appearance. Yes, it may seem complicated to implement, but step by step you can come to the right place and figure out a lot of secrets.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Buy this game if you want to solve challenging and logical puzzles! You'll need some patience to learn what it wants to teach you, but it's worth it!
Full review:
The Long Gate is an enjoyable and minimalist puzzle game.
It's a game where every time I walk into a new area I'm like "oh fuck off" because the problems seem too difficult at first glance. At the same time, I've yet to come across a puzzle that hasn't made sense, or that I couldn't solve, or that I didn't enjoy solving. I say this in the best way possible.
There's a great satisfaction in solving the Long Gate's puzzles because the solutions often aren't immediately apparent, but they truly do make sense. When you work out the correct solution or sequence of actions, there's a strong sense of reward for the patience you showed while trying to make sense of the unfamiliar.
I've not yet finished the game, but have really enjoyed it so far. It's been quite stress relieving and I find myself coming back to it quite easily.
I did a year of programming back at the start of uni a few years back, so I was familiar with some of the concepts the game introduces early on.
I've also dabbled with redstone projects in Minecraft and the puzzles you solve with circuitry in The Long Gate are sort of similar.
If you don't want to learn binary, or bit flipping or how circuits work, then this isn't the game for you.
If you can't accept that this game was made by a very small team and isn't perfect, then this game isn't for you.
Otherwise, the puzzles definitely are challenging, but I do think that keen newcomers unafraid of a challenge could give this a go and enjoy themselves.
I've found the game runs alright too on a gtx 1070 and ryzen 3600, though I do wish there was a cleaner AA implementation. The highest setting obscures texture detail in the distance, but turning this down introduces aliasing.
With that said, it's still a good looking game with a clear atmosphere that is well supported by a low-key soundtrack. The sound effects are very mechanical too, which really adds to the cyber-industrial aesthetic of the game.
I think this game is very underrated and definitely recommend giving it a go.
I bought it at full price and am very happy with my purchase :).