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Taste Of Heaven

Embark on a relaxing, wholesome, and flavorful trip and cook up your destiny throughout the very birthplace of the Universe.

In TASTE OF HEAVEN, take part in an unprecedented adventure designed by Chromatic Dream. In this passionately crafted cooking game, you will have to stir your way up to gastronomical bliss. After all, it won’t take any less than perfection to satisfy the cravings of every picky god you’ll meet. You don’t want them to create worlds on a grumpy stomach, do you?

Meet the onions! These quirky and irreverent, yet friendly creatures sure know how to roast, especially annoying customers. The rest of the roasting is up to you, and since you are lending them a nice cooking hand in their itinerant food booth, Zittau, Allium and Tresbon will do everything they can to help you find your home planet and whatever brought you to this big worldy-makey mystery of a land.Cook for the gods and godlingsChoose ingredients wisely and combine them in your pan thanks to an innovative cooking mechanic based on the three essential tastes: Salty, Sugary and Spicy. You will also have to manage your time and resources adequately to juggle between several customers at the same time.

Additionally, you will be able to alter the flow of customers and some of their actions by using your items wisely. These precious tools will surely help you learn how to deal with everybody’s little tantrums, which will ultimately prevent them from savagely ruining everything in your booth.

Well, you’ve got it! You’re in for a real treat! In Taste of Heaven, you will be able to experience a seamless and satisfying gameplay as you’re meticulously arranging everything to be as tasty as can be. In any case, it won’t take any less to reach the actual Taste of Heaven!
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