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Tanklike will put up to four players through the unforgiving gauntlet of tank on tank action.

Ricochet shots to maximize uplikes as you careen your tank delicately through over a hundred arenas. With victory comes the opportunity to upgrade stats or improve your arsenal with new abilities.

Every room in the ever-changing dungeon was crafted using the in-game level editor that allows for easy building and testing.

Exhaustive List of Features
  • Tanks

  • Bullets

  • Joy
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Nice little top down shooting tank game with a bunch of upgrades and levels to play. You can also play co cp with up to four people, which would make it more fun, as with the shots being ricocheting off the walls, the screen can get quite chaotic. There is also the roguelike aspect of the game so levels are different when you play, as well as having level editors so you can even make your own levels to play which is pretty neat.

Review from Steam

Nice retro-inspired re-mix of Battle City and roguelike plus some pool elements.
+ Cool pixel art
+ Dynamic gameplay
+ Co-op
10 pixel tanks out 10

Review from Steam

Small little roguelike game with a suprising amount of depth.
Has a lot of stuff to find out, weapons to unlock, and just generally has a lot of replay value
And to top it off it has a fully-functional level editor for you to make your own randomly generated dungeons

Review from Steam

Amazing game. Best top down tank game in the genre.

Review from Steam

This game is underrated. This is a hidden gem in my option it is not for everyone but it is fun. It is a tank shooter that feels like an old classic arcade tank shooter. But, this game has its own twist with being a Roguelite and dungeon crawler. I really enjoyed this game I just wish I was better at tank shooters for I could get further. I think playing co-op would make this easier. You get to choose the path you want to go similarly to other games like The Binding of Isaac, Neon Abyss, etc. This game is still in Early Access so I expect it to get better in the future too. I look forward to seeing what the devs do with this game. Overall, this is fun and well priced.
7 out of 10
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Review from Steam

Great game for $2
Needs to be finished though