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Sword Legacy: Omen

The lord of Mercia has been assassinated, your love kidnapped and home is no more. As Uther, the disgraced Knight Commander, you must lead your misfit band of companions throughout quests riddled with trials. Forge uneasy alliances to acquire the mythical Excalibur sword and defeat the sinister power-obsessed duke of Wessex. Prove your worth as a tactician by exploring all five realms and dangerous locations, such as a frozen fortress hiding a dark secret, an ancient abbey turned into a hideous torture chamber and the mystical island of Avalon. Survive ambushes and rescue those in need by making use of each hero’s abilities to solve puzzles and vanquish your foes. It is up to you define the fate of Britannia… But at what cost?
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

It's OK. It's not amazing, but it isn't bad. I had fun with it. Honestly, it feels like Pathfinder: Kingmaker but not as good and much more linear. There is some fun developing your party and their abilities, but the actual progression system is pretty basic. Not a lot of nuance. If it's on sale, it's worth a play.