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Super Taco Crew

Edgar the Fox has stumbled through life, never seeming to catch a break. From a young age he's taken to thieving as a means to survive in this dark, dystopic city. He's been trying to get away from it and lead a normal life, but things don't always go as they're planned.

The rise of machine life has complicated things further, with corporations seeking to control more and more. Follow Edgar on an epic adventure, filled with mystery and deception, and possibly the chance of love.

This game is a visual novel experience, with 2D characters, backgrounds, and illustrations complete with a linear written narrative, spanning 10 chapters and is about the length of a smaller novel. The game features a few key choices, some of which can lead to consequences later on in the story.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Been waiting for the release on Steam once I saw it was releasing today. Just finished and the game overall was really good. There were a lot of choices that I don't know will make an impact which in my opinion seems sort of extra and made me save at every seemingly important choice. Really liked the story and romance between Edgar and James. I wish there was more screen time of Edgar and James being a couple like how it was in the end. Overall, an amazing game and would recommend.

Review from Steam

It was very worth it to buy this game! I'm not really good at words, so i'm just going to say that i really loved this game and i would even play again one day. If you want you can play the demo right here:

Review from Steam

Love it ^^ Bittersweet, would be pretty cool if there's a sequel c: Wish there's more vns like this on steam ^^ Just found this by chance while checking out visual novel games to play on steam, I love the story and the music, it's pretty short for chapters wise but it sure did got me interested to know what happens next in the next chapters.

Review from Steam

Super worth! I found this game by accident and today I just finished playing it and 10/10 would replay it. The art style was phenomenal! and I love seeing Edgar and James together. Story wise, it was amazing even though it was short for a chapter anyway the game is really worth and one of the best nv's I have played.