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Super Snow Fight

Super Snow Fight is a local-multiplayer-action-brawler game for up to four players. Fight snowball battles against or with your friends, foes or the merciless AI. Throw snowballs in your opponents' faces or use any of the cruel power-ups lying around in the battlefield. Shoot missiles, throw grenades, drop dynamite, defend yourself with shields or grab a heart to get your hitpoints back. There are many different ways to win the battle; it's up to you to find the best strategy.

Four arenas await you. Fight in the park, on the graveyard, in a castle or in the mine.

The more battles you win, the more fighters you can select. There are over 30 different fighters craving for snowy battlefields.

You can play Super Snow Fight with keyboard & mouse or a with a gamepad similar to the Xbox 360 controller. Usually it's more fun with the controller.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

6.1/10 - I do like playing with myself; but other are needed for this one!
I did have fun with this title; only for about 30 minutes though. The rest of my game time was spent unlocking all maps and characters. So this game can be completed in less than 2 hours! It's local multiplayer only. I don’t know anyone that does that, so even adding the feature is a waste. It would have been an amazingly fun true multiplayer game though!
There are 4 different areas to battle on; most of them are similar and smaller in nature so the actual map means little. The gameplay isn't bad if not pretty repetitive. There are some fun power-ups that add some excitement to the matches such as shields, bombs and more!
There are around 30 different characters; 20 which you must unlock during single player campaign. Each map has 5 players to unlock and that equates to 2-3 matches per player unlock. It's almost grindy since there is such limited content.
Overall, this isn’t as fun as a real snowball fight. The AI doesn't make this game dynamic enough to keep playing for hours on end. Once you complete the campaign you will be done forever.
Worth $1-2. This is a short single player game.
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Review from Steam

I was supplied with this key by the developer, this however did not affect the review.
In Super Snow Fight you control a character in an arena style snowball brawl with up to 3 other human or AI controlled players. Free for all and team modes also exist. Powerups, new maps, and characters become unlocked as you win more matches. Powerups include shields, heals, invulnerability, and various types of explosives!
Easy to pick up
Quick games (a few minutes each)
Difficulty settings for the AI
Luck is sometimes a factor as powerups will spawn next to your opponents
Powerups seem to favor spawning near your opponents (not random?)
No online play
Repetitive after a while
Great pick up for the price. However, limited replayability due to the nature of the game so far.
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Review from Steam

A lot of stuff to unlock. Good for a short break. You need some controllers and friends to play it for the long term. Online multiplayer would be awesome (, but it's not there yet)!

Review from Steam

I purchased this game while having the winter/Christmas season in mind. I paid $5.49 CAD so my expectations were not that high at all, but I ended up having a ton of fun.
The game consists of 2-4 players having a snowball fight (Human or AI). You start with 5 hearts each and the aim is to “kill” the other player. During a match you can use a light or heavy shot. A heavy shot being performed while holding the throw button to charge it up. The winner being the first to kill X amount of people or being the leader after the time limit is up.
This game contains 4 maps: Park, Graveyard, Castle & Mine. While they do not affect the gameplay or strategies you will find different objects to take cover behind in each. The store page boasts 30 characters to play, but 25 of those characters need to be unlocked. This isn’t a bad thing though. The character does not affect the gameplay either and from what I could tell, are completely aesthetic.
If you want to unlock everything it the game, you will need to play a minimum of 73 matches. The matches being broken down into 17 for Park, Graveyard and Castle, with the Mine level needing 22 matches to obtain the unlockables. The unlockables in the game come in the form of characters and powerups. Power ups range from grenades for higher damage to a snowman sentry which will fight the enemies for you. The matches themselves can be set from 2:00 – 20:00 and from 5 – 100 kills.
Besides the single player deathmatch modes, you can also have teamplay deathmach modes as well. I’ve only had a chance to play with one friend locally, so I can’t say if it can support a full 4 player local game or not. The settings for the team-deathmatch can be set to 2vs2 or 3vs1.
Overall, I enjoyed the characters/costumes and the gameplay was fun. For the price, I would recommend this game.

Review from Steam

Local multiplayer snowfights with rocket launchers! Great little party game if you have multiple controllers(also works with keyboard and mouse) and others to play with. Even fun as a single player game against the AI. Has free for all and team based combat. Cute graphics, solid gameplay and easily worth the asking price. Could have more arena's and I really wish it had online multiplayer - which might be coming! Watch some gameplay here:

Review from Steam

One of the best of its kind on Steam at a Super price ... not to be missed for local multiplayer fans.

Review from Steam

Very fun game. Have got some achievements already - yes, the MONSTER Kill, too!
But uff, "very hard" is like snow ball machine guns against you. :D