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Super Cloudbuilt

Take on the role of Demi, a young soldier who wakes up in the empty shell of a ruined building, in a strange new world, disconnected from her old life and physical body. With each new challenge she overcomes, Demi slowly pieces together the future now laid out before her. • Use your skill and creativity while mastering incredible feats of free running action • Run through expansive worlds floating above a vast abyss, use your rocket-powered exo-suit to explore hidden paths and collect power ups to boost your performance • Try your hand at over 200 challenges and 3 game modes • Features lightning-fast, action-packed speedrunning: Compete for the top position in the leaderboards
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Best speed-running parkour game out there imo. Better than the original in pretty much all ways, aside from the lack of level editor and steam workshop integration which is a crying shame since community levels for this one would've been amazing.
Unlike the first installment, also much more friendly to casual players which is a nice improvement, since the story mode is separate from ranked and doesn't have timers or ranks attached, so you can take your time. A criticism of story mode however is limited lives. Doesn't really add much, no real consequence for running out either, just a bit of a inconvenience and puts pressure on players trying to learn a part of a level, but it's not really a big issue.